Wake Up Call

Have you ever gotten a big wake-up call in life?

Mine was an actual phone call today.  Ironic eh?  A wake up “call” as a phone “call”.  Ha ha – dry, fake laughter there.

During Entreleadership last year, Dave Ramsey told a story about the early days of his business.  He was having a difficult time financially with the business.  He was sitting there with his business guys and they were trying to figure out what was going wrong.  He said his wife walked in and said “I know what is wrong”.  He said he kind of looked at her like “yeah right”.  He and his business guys couldn’t figure it out; but his stay-at-home wife was going to tell them what it was – he didn’t quite believe she knew.  Then she told them that they were hypocrites – going around telling people to have an emergency fund and a budget in their personal life, when their own business wasn’t practicing those principles.  He said he and his business guys looked at each other and agreed she was right.

I heard this story . . . about one year ago.  I kind of thought, yes I need to do that too.  And that’s about as far as my thoughts went.

I have our personal emergency fund.  I have our personal budget.  I have two businesses that do not have these things.


And today I got a phone call.  Apparently I had been being sent emails about a bill due since last August.  I never saw these emails.  I possibly deleted them.  Almost one thousand dollars due immediately, as my service had been suspended.  This is a service that I use multiple times daily.  I had no idea.

I was previously on an annual pay plan.  So there were no monthly things to notice as missing.  And I honestly don’t remember when annual things are due.  This company doesn’t do physical mail – only email.  And they don’t make phone calls.  It was all emails . . emails that I missed.

Thankfully, due to changes the last couple years in our personal life; I was able to get thru today.  BUT, this was it for me.  Business budgeting has now moved to the top of my list.  It should have been at the top anyway.

Tonight I am thankful for a reminder to be responsible and intentional in EVERY area of life!  And I am extremely thankful that today was manageable!

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