Have you ever thought of a small plant growing out of its seed?  I mean, that must be a little rough.  It has to get thru the outer casing of the seed.  It pushes thru, only to find dirt.  Dirt can be hard to move, especially if you are just a little plant.

It some how pushes thru the dirt and might bump in to a rock or a root on its way up.  Then, it finally breaks thru the surface and who knows what it will find.  Maybe blinding sun, maybe pouring rain, maybe a cloudy, dreary day.  Maybe in a quiet field, maybe in a well-kept yard, or maybe in a crowded, noisy city somewhere.  And wherever that plant pops its head up to, it has to learn to grow there.  Ok, well it doesn’t really have that “learn” part, it just does it, it just grows there.  But, when it grows, it gets stronger and blooms . . just like it was always meant to do.

People seem to forget that life is like that.  We see a plant, maybe a flower (we’ll go with a flower), growing anywhere and we just recognize its beauty.  And we expect any other flower to grow just the same.  But they don’t.  You can’t plant all the flower the same.  I know, because I kill a lot of plants (not on purpose).  And even some of the same flowers don’t grow the same in the same ground.  Sometimes there may be that rock under the soil standing in their way.  Sometimes they are planted too close to something else and need to be moved to have room to grow.

People forget that people are like this too.  We don’t all grow the same.  And we can’t look at another flower and expect ourselves to grow the same.  What if you are a Marigold and you are comparing yourself to a Lilly?  I love both of these flowers, but even I know enough to know they are very different.  But, what if they don’t know that when they are both just a quarter-inch out of the dirt?

Tonight I am thankful for people finding their own path.  It is very freeing to accept that you aren’t supposed to be anyone else but you.  It frees you from so many negative thoughts and feelings.  And then when you release yourself from that negative stuff, then . . . then . . you can grow in to who you were meant to be.  Just remember, growing can be hard too.  But, you can do it . . it is what you were meant to do.  🙂

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