I was on the verge of a huge headache most of the day.  Do you know that feeling?  I tried very hard to keep the headache at bay.  By the time the kids got home, I knew my time was running out.  I love my loud, loud children!  Even though their noise level pushes my head over the edge every time.

By the time I had my son at his practice, the headache was starting.  It was about 10 – 15 minutes before growing pain that I had finally realized it was a sinus headache, not a migraine.  This is important to differentiate!  I have found a wonderful, wonderful thing for sinus headaches!  Along with some ibuprofen, I put peppermint oil on my face over my sinuses, along with the base of my neck.  This works A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!!  So I did it when we left to drive home.

Here’s the problem with that . . . usually I get to close my eyes for a while afterward!  Peppermint and eyes aren’t usually friends!  WHEW!!  I was able somehow to keep my eyes open without burning them.  The oil was along my sinus lines, not directly touching my eyes.  But, it was wafting to my eyes for sure!

After struggling for around five minutes, the eye discomfort stopped and I could see clearly!  And my head felt better!!

Tonight I am thankful for Peppermint oil!  It is one of my favorite oils!  It works amazing for migraines also!  I have been so happy with what it does for sinuses!  I haven’t found anything that works so great!  Just . . um . . . don’t peppermint sinuses and drive 😉


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