A Good Run

I had a good run . . I really did . .

The record in my family, that I know of, was age 36.  My mom and my aunt were 36 when they found their first grey hairs.  So, I have surpassed them by over a year!!

Today was stressful.  Last week was stressful.  The week before that was stressful and devastatingly sad.  Maybe this was bound to happen.  Maybe it wouldn’t have happened if I had transported myself somewhere sunny, warm, and relaxing?

Today I saw it in the mirror.  It was kind of more white than grey.  But it was there.  It was attached to my head.  It was not my wonderful brown color.  I stared at it in disbelief.  Then I yanked it out of my head!!!  I’ve heard you aren’t supposed to do that.  But, whatever.  I didn’t want it there!

Tonight I am thankful that I have made it this long without any grey/white hairs.  I have been very thankful for this!  Believe me, I have known what a good run I’ve had with this lack of grey/white hairs.  I have been watching my head in great appreciation . . until today.  Hopefully this thing won’t have a friend show up for a while.  I’d like to get used to this very, very slowly.  Maybe in five years . . yes, I could handle another one in five years 😉  Here’s to wishful thinking!


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