Alright Monday, you tried your best; but you could not defeat me!  Muah-Ha-Ha!

Seriously, it was busy.  But, per last night’s blog, I had a plan!  Unlike the business of last week, I am about to head to bed feeling like I truly did everything I could do today.  Last week I kept feeling like I missed things or was forgetting things.  But today I know, there was not time that could have fit more tasks in to it.

Today started off emotional.  I had to drop my kitty off for surgery.  I don’t know about all of you, but that was very hard for me to leave her there.  She just looked at me like, “Mom, why are you leaving????”  I fought back tears as I got in my car.

Then, the grown up thing was to remind myself this was all for the best for her.  And I did the right thing.  Yada, yada, yada.  Fill in the day with family stuff and work stuff, finally it was time to go get her!  She was mad at me.  😦

But now she’s home.  She’s got two sets of stitches.  And she has a cone on her head – that she HATES.  But, she’s all fixed up.  Her stitches will heal and she’ll be good as new!

Tonight I am thankful for a productive Monday that ends with a feeling of completion and not frazzleness, like last week.  This Monday I had a plan.  I stuck with the plan.  And I gave it all I’ve got.  Now Sleep!!

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