The kids and I had some errands to run this morning.  We went to Meijer’s for a few things.  Then we headed to Aldi’s for a few things.

We have a gate that keeps the dogs out of the kitchen that needs to be replaced.  We picked one up at Meijer’s for $50.  I did NOT want to spend $50 to keep the dogs out of food that they should leave alone anyway.  But, our old gate (which was purchased years ago at Goodwill for under $5) has long out-lived its functional life.  When I’m moving a big object to help hold up the gate . . well, yes I should have replaced it some time ago.

After finally breaking down and spending the $50 at Meijer for the gate; we found almost the exact same gate when we went to Aldi’s for $20!!!  The Meijer gate is in my van and will be going back tomorrow!

Later in the day, the hubster and I were browsing in Goodwill and found a Scrabble Premier edition!  It has a wood case, a drawer to store the pieces, and sits on a lazy Susan to turn towards each player.  It was remarkably still in its original box and it had all its pieces!  It was $5.99.  The cheapest that I can find it on eBay with shipping right now is around $100.  I’m sure it has to be cheaper somewhere else.  But, in the mean time, I’m still more than happy with our $5.99 price today!

Tonight I am thankful for some good savings today!  We weren’t even out looking for savings today!  They were just there! 🙂



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