Newsie Party!

In 1990-something I was in school and we watched Newsies.  I loved it!  I bought it on VHS and watched it a lot!  I had bought the soundtrack and sang along to all the songs.  And to be honest, I had a little crush on Christian Bale.

Fast forward a couple of decades and one day I heard my daughter talking about watching Newsies on Netflix!  Woah!  I was excited!  Then I saw what she was watching.  It was the Broadway Musical version.  Hmph!!  Totally not the same!

I am pretty sure my old VHS is around somewhere!  It may have been destroyed in the great basement flood a few years ago.  But I am pretty sure it survived the flood!  I have no idea where it is.  I looked in a few places; and still couldn’t find it.

Finally I broke down and ordered a dvd on eBay.  It came today!!  This evening we had a Newsies watching party!  The movie started out a little slower than I remembered.  And the kids started asking how long the movie was (not a good sign!).  But then, the movie picked up and the kids ended up liking it!

Tonight I am thankful for a Newsies watching party tonight with kiddos!  I hadn’t watched Newsies myself in many years.  It was nice to see it again!  And I am thankful my kiddos liked it too!  (I had talked it up, so I would have been teased for a while if they didn’t like it!)


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