Have you ever watched kids race?  Sometimes the fastest kid does not win.  Sometimes the kid that should have won the race is so busy looking at others, that they don’t give their best efforts.  And the victory that should have been theirs, is achieved by someone else.

Now think about that childhood race in adult, day to day life.  Now multiply the comparison by adult pride and social media.  Ugh.

There is a fantastic book called, “Love Your Life, Not Theirs”.  It talks quite a bit about . . well . . it’s in the title!

Now think about the path that God has planned for your life.  And think about that childhood race.  And think about victories that you haven’t achieved because you didn’t stay focused on your own race.  The awesome thing about God is that he can lead us all to be winners in our own races.   But he needs us to pay attention, stay focused, and thankful.

Tonight I am thankful for good reminders to stay focused on my path and not compare my path to others.  God wants us to win!  The devil wants us to lose.  If he can distract us with what other people are doing, then he’s halfway to his goal.


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