Nooo, I didn’t buy a giant metal scoopey machine . . . although it sure looks like a fun toy!!

This week, our big, beautiful barn will come down.

When we first bought this house, the plan was to fix the roof on the barn and have it be a place for the kids to play and make many fun memories! I guess we were so busy looking at the roof that we didn’t notice the structure. When we got the first quote for the roof, we were told some concerning things about the structure. Then the hubster leaned against the barn one day and he went thru the sill plate of the barn.

I spent the next few years contacting multiple barn wood stores in several states. Nobody wanted the barn. I contacted demolition companies. Nobody really wanted to take down the barn. Then I stumbled upon a commercial demolition company on Facebook. The barn (which is about the size of three regular barns) did not scare them.

So this week the barn comes down, next week new concrete gets poured, and a couple weeks after that, the new barn comes in. The new barn won’t be nearly as big! But it will be a great, and usable, and safe.

Tonight I am thankful that I put up a good fight to try to save the barn, and to even find another use for the barn wood. I can rest easy knowing I gave it all I had. My view to the west will be changing. But it will be a good thing. We have great plans for the new barn!

2 thoughts on “Change”

  1. It will definitely be sad to see the barn go…might even shed a tear. But I know it is necessary. Are you or the company able to salvage any of the wood or beams? I think the basketball floor was oak. I made a lot of birdhouses out of the lumber from a lean to that used to be on the west side. That lumber after a hundred years was very hard. Someone told me it was tamarack. Anyway, it will be fun to watch the new barn go up.


    1. We took some things out. The basketball floor wasn’t safe to try to save any. Part of the floor collapsed on Cody a week or so ago. I didn’t know there was a lean to! I wondered why all the concrete was over there!


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