About a year ago I ran in to an old friend.  We chatted for awhile and decided we should meet again soon to talk.

Today we did!  We had a great lunch and great conversation!

Tonight I am thankful for actually getting together with one of those “we should get together soon” statements that don’t always get people together.  It took us a year.  But we did it!


My husband is a snorer.  He has kept me awake more times than I’d like to count.  We have a white noise machine that works fairly well at drowning him out.

Since his surgery he has been sleeping in his recliner with his knee up.  Last night he came back to bed.  And the white noise machine was dying.  Have you ever slept next to a locomotive filled with dying cows?  That was the equivalent of my sleeping last night.  I’m tired.

Years ago the hubster was sent a referral for a sleep study.  He called to make the appointment and the place never called back.  So he gave up.  I’ve encouraged him to try again ever since that time . .  years ago.

Tonight I am thankful that the hubster has agreed to try again with the sleep study.  And I am thankful for Amazon Prime delivering a new white noise machine in record time.  Now please excuse me, I must run off to sleep and try to get in some quality sleep before the snore machine gets tired!!


Well, I didn’t do quite as well with food plans as last week.  I have lunch supplies here, but no sandwiches made.

Today I did make a dinner plan for the week!  Yay!  I’ll count that as a win!  Last Sunday I had the lunches made, but no dinner plans for the week.

Meat is out of the freezer and in to the fridge, ready for the week’s dinners.  Groceries have been bought and are in the cupboard for dinners and lunches.  Yep, I think we are doing good!  Two weeks in a row of some kind of food planning!

Tonight I am thankful for a two week run on food planning!  Hooray!  Next week, I’m going for three weeks in a row!

Padded Seat?

Today was a wrestling day.  I wasn’t sure how long the wrestling meet would last.  So I did bring a bag of stuff to do.  Unfortunately the school we were at had terrible cell signal!

I have one of those padded bleacher seats.  Somewhere we even have one of those fold out bleacher seats with a back on it.  I will need to find those.  My tushy fell asleep a few times today!

Tonight I am thankful for getting to watch my boy wrestle.  I am thankful for our mom and son dinner after the meet!  And during the meet, in between our school’s wrestlers I also made a social media plan for the businesses for the next month and completed an appraisal!

Ticket #1

For Christmas each kiddo got a small box that held a ticket.

Tonight was the first kiddo’s ticketed event!  My basketball fan and I went to see the Harlem Globetrotters!  At Christmas time, my basketball fan didn’t know who the Harlem Globetrotters were . . hmph.  He had actually been before.  We took the whole family one year. But the more I thought about it; he may have been like 1 or 2 years old.  So I guess he wouldn’t remember that!

Once I realized that he didn’t know who they were, we visited YouTube for some videos.  Needless to say, he was a bit more happy with his ticket gift after he saw the crazy things these guys and gals do!

Tonight I am thankful that he loved seeing them in person!  I even went over budget and bought him a Globetrotters basketball. ONLY because if you had a Globetrotters basketball, you could go down on the court and shoot hoops before the game.  He LOVED it 🙂 ❤



Yesterday I went to a foreclosed home that had been sitting empty for some time.  Sitting in a bedroom closet was a kitty.  The kitty had almost no reaction when I came close.  I reached out my hand and the kitty didn’t care.  It didn’t try to move or sniff me at all.  I pet the kitty and felt all its bones.

The person I was with called the animal control people.  They couldn’t come get the kitty.  So I brought the kitty home.

I got the kitty to eat a little bit last night.  The kitty was very thirsty.  Today the kitty has eaten even more!  And the kitty has gotten a little bit stronger already!

Tonight I am thankful that the kitty is showing signs of improvement already!  The plan is to find the kitty a wonderful new home where no one will ever leave him to starve again.  That’s the plan . . yep . . . don’t get too attached . . . too late.  We are already loving this kitty!  We have lots of kitties. It’ll have to be the right home for us to give the kitty away.  My head says the right home is out there.  My heart says keep the kitty.  We’ll see which part wins out!



Deciding Weaknesses

There’s a philosophy going around that a person has to be a certain way to excel at certain things in life.

Parenting is a great example.  I am a person who sometimes talks too much.  I see these other moms who can keep their mouths closed.  And I think, hmm, that’s just not my strong suite.  So I know that it is not a natural talent of mine.

But I work on it for my kids.  There are many times that a kid needs their mom to be quiet.  There are some things they have to learn for themselves; or they just won’t learn it.  So although, I’m not naturally an all around quiet person, I put forth extra effort for my kids.

There are things that I don’t naturally like.  There are many social settings that just aren’t for me.  And overall, I do not work on this for my kids.  Why?  It really won’t effect who they turn out to be!  This idea that all the moms have to sit together and chat while the kids do their thing is based on the assumption that all the moms WANT to sit together and chat.  I don’t.  I’d rather play with the kids.  And that’s ok.  I don’t mind it who I am at all.

But I see some moms really get down on themselves because other moms do this or that.  And they don’t.

The bottom line is that we are all different.  If you have a personal weakness that is going to effect your kid in a negative way, then you work on doing better.  If you have a personal thing that won’t put your kid in therapy in years to come, then own it!  Why not?  Is there not a better way to show your kid that who they are is just perfect, just they are; than to be that way yourself?  Remember more is caught than taught.

Tonight I am thankful that somewhere along the way of parenthood and life; I’ve been learning what things about me are wonderfully ME and what parts of me are weaknesses that should be worked on.  Deciding those categories is a personal decision that no one can make for you; because you know yourself better than anyone!  I hope you know that you are wonderful just how you are!  And the things you may decide to improve on are things that are your decision alone!