Sometimes there are things in life that you know you should change.  But it seems so minor and it would take extra effort, so you just let it slide for a little while.  Then a little while turns in to weeks, into months, and maybe in to years.

Then you realize that what started out small has now become a big problem.

And now is time to change it.

Life things that turn in to habits can be hard to break.  And frankly, life has made me tired.  And I feel more like resting than working to break a habit.  But, it is time.

Tonight I am thankful for the chance to fix what has been breaking.  I talked to the hubster, he’s on board too.  But I know, we have to fight my “full speed ahead” tendancy and make a plan that will last for our whole family.  So that’s what we’ll do . . this will be a battle. . . but one that is definitely worth it!