Lavender Eyeballs

Yesterday I didn’t even think about bringing goggles for our off-road adventure.  I had sunglasses and we were in a four-seater with a windshield.

I made it thru most of the day ok.  The dirt was flying all around us.  My right eye was irritated, but not so bad.  My left eye, the one closest to the open trail got pretty bad by the end of the day.  I wiped the dirt/mud out of my eye so much that I rubbed my skin raw at the corner of my eye.  We stopped and got eye drops for the ride home.

Still, a person cannot just pull over on the highway to add in more eye drops!  I wrote my blog last night like a pirate with one eye.  I was hoping by morning that my eye would feel much better.  I woke up this morning with it feeling just a tad better.  Not “much” better at all.

I tried to clean it out and that made it hurt again.  So I reached for some lavender oil.  OH, it stung!!  But I left it on there.  And after the stinging subsided, my eye actually felt better.  And the constant watering stopped!  These were great things since I had appointments today to show houses and didn’t want to look like a pirate again!

Tonight I am thankful for lavender oil helping my eye!!  Yay for Oils!!

Dirty Fun

Back in June, my baby had a birthday.  This was not a party year, so she got to pick an outing.  She wanted to go trail riding.  This sounded like a reasonable outing request; so I said ok.

Well, we had a busy summer.  I did look off and on for a place where we could rent something and go on good trails that would take longer than an hour.  I found nothing.  Everyone wanted the driver to be 18.  I understand that.  I really do.  So I had to break it to my girl that she could be a rider, but not a driver.

She still wanted to go, even as a rider.  I had found one place that was right by lots of off-road paths.  It would be perfect!  I called and made a reservation for the first chance both our calendars would allow.  The week before our date, the place called.  They already machines in the shop.  And some people had just wrecked two more machines.  They had nothing for us to ride.  So we had to postpone two weeks more.  BUT, we did get a nice discount for being so patient and understanding!  And I love a good discount!  Actually the discount more than paid for our dinner tonight!

The place is pretty neat.  There are two brothers.  One runs a restaurant.  One runs the rentals.  The one that runs the rentals is a retired fire chief from Detroit.  He recognized the region of my area code, so we got to talking 🙂

Tonight I am thankful for a fun day today!  We got lost a few times!  It is kind of crazy how many unmarked, narrow roads there are up north aways.  I thought we were on trails when we were on roads, and vice versa.  But, cell phone GPS that wore down my battery saved the day!  We got a little dirty; and had a lot of fun!



This has been a jam-packed week.  I would say long, but the week actually felt very short for being so busy.

I feel exhausted-ly victorious.  I made it thru this week!  Yay!  If I made buttons, I would make myself a button and wear it proudly!

I did break my sleep goals and had a few too many nights of not enough sleep.  Honestly, it wasn’t even really planned that way, I just woke up and could not get back to sleep after four hours; so I came to my office and got to work.

On my drive home tonight I had thoughts of a nice, hot bath with epsolm salts and an adult beverage before going to bed.  Now that I’m here though . . I’m just going to bed.

I have work that didn’t get finished; oops.  I have messages to return; ah well.  I’m not sure if people in this house made the dinner that was on the board, because I had to go exchange cars; I’m sure they ate something.  I am done with worries.  What isn’t done right now can wait until tomorrow.

Tonight I am thankful for bedtime!  I’ve earned it!  I may even make myself a t-shirt or something proclaiming myself victorious for making it thru the week!  In the meantime, I’ve borrowed this hat from my mom.  She received it from my uncle.  I’m not ornery right now.  But if anyone asks me to do one single thing, I could get there real quick!  So I’ll keep this hat at the ready; should I need to don it and refer people to the message on it!  🙂

Seriously though, I’m off to bed.  I hope you all feel as victorious as I do for making it thru your week!  Look at you!  It’s Friday evening!  And you are here too!  You made it!  Celebrate!  Be Proud!  And if you feel like me, go to bed!  Many times, that is a celebration in itself!


Special People

I know some of my faults as a person, so I try to work on them.  Just being myself, I don’t like to ask for help.  I want to figure it out; whatever “it” may be.  I want to know the problem and the solution.  And I’m just a naturally independent person.

My husband will vouch for that.  Just last night he asked me what was up with me.  And as I was telling him what a totally chaotic week this is; it sunk in that I should have asked him for more help.  It wasn’t a thought inside my head until I heard my own voice saying everything about this week.  I don’t even realize that I should be asking for help most of the time.  I just square my shoulders and plow thru life.

Sometimes I know this must be very aggravating to God, who probably sends me more helpful people than I ever recognize.  But sometimes, I see them.  I have prayed for help before and asked, please hit me over the head with the answer because I probably won’t notice.  And sometimes that happens.

Tonight I was sitting at a table with three fantastic women as we are off and rolling on another cheer season.  And it still amazes me how these people just seemed to be put right in front of me.  There’s no way I could do this on my own.  I couldn’t even come close.  My special skills and each of their special skills will be blended together wonderfully this fall!

Tonight I am thankful for the array of talents sitting together tonight planning to give of their time and their energy to make a memorable cheer program for the kiddos tonight!  I am so thankful for you ladies!  This is going to be great! 🙂


We survived the first day of school!  Hooray!

The kids got up ON TIME.  They got ready ON TIME.  We got to school . . . EARLY!  Early is a rarity in this house.

They got home from school and chilled out in front of the tv for a bit.  I got to hear about everyone’s first day.  And just whew, we made it!

Tonight I am thankful for a good first day of school for the kiddos!  I may have gotten teary-eyed leaving the school today . ..  but I did not actually cry!


Against the Tide

I’ve been seeing those “Back to School” memes on Facebook with a kindergarten parent crying and all the other parents celebrating.  You’d think I still have a kindergartener.

I never like the first day of school.

All the other internet things say things like, “You aren’t their friend, You are their parent”.  What if you are both?  That’s what gets me.

I parent my children.  Ask them, they’ll tell you.  They have rules.  They have consequences when they don’t follow the rules.  They say “please” and “thank you”.  And they know they can’t live off chocolate (well, supposedly . . I mean has anyone really ever tried?)

But yes, I am also their friend.  And I can promise that it does not make me any less of a parent to say that.  There is just an order.  I am their mom first and their friend second.

Nobody likes when their friends go away.  And now all four of mine are leaving me Monday thru Friday again.  *sigh*  Every summer, working from home is a blessing and a struggle.  I definitely get less work done and more headaches in the summer trying to concentrate on work and family at the same time.  But my heart is never so full as when they are home; even when they are driving me crazy.  And now tomorrow, I must let them go again. *sigh*  I will smile for them.  I’ve been reassuring them that all will be fine; and I know it will be.  But when I drive away from the school, I may get teary eyed.

Tonight I am thankful for a wonderful summer with my babies.  They watched too much tv.  They ate too much junk food.  They had no bedtime.  They laughed with each other.  They talked to each other.  They had a wonderful time in the little world that appears when they enjoy each other’s company with no reserve and no interruptions.  These are the days I will always treasure.

Breaking Up

Today I broke up with Outlook Calendar.  I have loved Outlook Calendar.  Sadly the feeling wasn’t mutual.

Twice now in a 12 month period, my beloved Outlook calendar on my desktop refused to speak to my Outlook calendar app on my phone.  This is a major problem for someone who is already a bit schedule-challenged like myself.

I’ve been calling and scheduling appointments while sitting at my desk and entering the appointments in to the desktop calendar.  If I leave a message, I may schedule an appointment while I’m away from my desk, when a person calls me back; and then I’m entering it in to my phone.  And Viola, without the two talking I’ve now double and triple booked myself somehow.  😦  Not fun.  Not good for business.  Not good for family.  And not good for my sanity.

I spent over an hour this morning trying to fix the issue.  This afternoon I spent a little more time on it and finally gave up.  The more I tried to find a solution; the more I saw that this an issue for lots and lots of people using Outlook calendar.

So, I’m over in to the Google calendar now for work appointments.  I still love the Cozi Calendar for the family!  I keep two schedules because it really is less confusing for me.  Everything is on my (now) Google calendar – like the master calendar!  And the Cozi calendar has everything pertinent to the rest of the family.  Cozi with my work appointments looks like a colorful paint splatter!  Maybe pretty, but a mess.

Tonight I am thankful for breaking up with Outlook calendar.  I suppose it was time.  I like their format better.  But, if it’s not reliable; then it just isn’t worth it!