Lolly’s Big Adventure

The design of my car is very conducive to small animal naps.  It must be an easy spot to get in to if you are kitten sized.  And there is plenty of room to lay down and not bump yourself on the engine.

A few of our outside kittens are extremely good sleepers, who are not really phased by the starting of an engine, the slamming of a door, OR the honking of a horn.  This is a problem.

Today I drove my daughter to her friend’s house.  We drove approximately 11 miles.  We encountered three stop signs.  We made two turns without stopping.  We were driving around 55 mph . . . notice the “around” . . . 😉

We arrived at our destination.  We chatted for a minute.  And guess who came out of the car?!?  Lolly, the kitten.  Completely unharmed.

Tonight I am thankful that Lolly at least stayed in the car during our trip.  She could have easily died or been lost forever had she chosen a different time to leave the car.  Ironically enough, she got a little nervous INSIDE the car on the way home.  I cuddled her in my shirt and she fell asleep, napping like nothing had happened!