We have SIX weeks until the bike race!  AHHH!

The kids and I are sooo behind on training!  A fifteen mile bike race takes a bit of training when we’ve only been barely biking this summer!

Tonight we set out!  The goal was 7ish miles.  Man, it was sooo hard to pedal.  We’d been to the lake today.  Maybe the sun wore me out?  I just knew it seemed a little too hard to pedal.  Oh well.  I wasn’t going to let that stop me.  We have a goal!

We went a couple of miles and hit the big hill.  The big hill seemed WAY TOO HARD to pedal up.  I looked down at my rear tire.  It was half flat.  Uh oh.  I told the kids, lets turn around and head back.  Maybe I can make it before the tire goes all the way flat.

We made it about a mile.  And that was about it.  I let the kids keep going and I called the hubster to come pick me up.

Tonight I am thankful that the hubster was available to come and get me!  It is a beautiful night for a walk!  But, it was still nice not to have to walk my bike over a mile back home!