I had a heartbroken little girl here this morning.  The favorite barn kitten named Lolly was gone.

About a week ago we had a kitten disappear.  Lolly’s sibling.  There are coyotes out here; and I’m guessing it was one of the coyotes that took the kitten.  The kids were very sad.  And now this morning, with Lolly missing . . . it was just too much.

Tears were streaming down her cheek, as she was certain that Lolly was gone forever.  All the kids and myself scoured the property.  We checked the barns.  We checked the garage.  We checked inside the house, in case she had slipped thru the door.  We walked across the road and out in the field.  Lolly was nowhere to be found.

We came back inside after a while.  I told the kids just to wait.  Maybe Lolly was just sleeping somewhere?  I told the kids that we would go for a walk down the road in a bit and see if maybe Lolly followed another cat out hunting and got lost?

I’ll be honest, I didn’t have a lot of hope.  We were all pretty sad.  Lolly was a very fluffy, very friendly kitten.  And she was gone.

We went outside awhile later and went out to the barn.  When we walked back up to the house, there was a little ball of fluff.  Could it be?  My daughter called out, Lolly?  And ran up to the gray fluffiness.  It was Lolly!!!

Lolly came inside the house with the kids and got showered with love!  It turns out the kittens have been taking turns climbing up under my car for their naps.  This was found out later this afternoon.

Tonight I am thankful that Lolly is ok!!  She really is a nice little kitten!  And I am thankful that we now know the kittens new napping spot.  It is time to break that habit of being up in the car so I don’t drive away with them some time!