Against the Tide

I’ve been seeing those “Back to School” memes on Facebook with a kindergarten parent crying and all the other parents celebrating.  You’d think I still have a kindergartener.

I never like the first day of school.

All the other internet things say things like, “You aren’t their friend, You are their parent”.  What if you are both?  That’s what gets me.

I parent my children.  Ask them, they’ll tell you.  They have rules.  They have consequences when they don’t follow the rules.  They say “please” and “thank you”.  And they know they can’t live off chocolate (well, supposedly . . I mean has anyone really ever tried?)

But yes, I am also their friend.  And I can promise that it does not make me any less of a parent to say that.  There is just an order.  I am their mom first and their friend second.

Nobody likes when their friends go away.  And now all four of mine are leaving me Monday thru Friday again.  *sigh*  Every summer, working from home is a blessing and a struggle.  I definitely get less work done and more headaches in the summer trying to concentrate on work and family at the same time.  But my heart is never so full as when they are home; even when they are driving me crazy.  And now tomorrow, I must let them go again. *sigh*  I will smile for them.  I’ve been reassuring them that all will be fine; and I know it will be.  But when I drive away from the school, I may get teary eyed.

Tonight I am thankful for a wonderful summer with my babies.  They watched too much tv.  They ate too much junk food.  They had no bedtime.  They laughed with each other.  They talked to each other.  They had a wonderful time in the little world that appears when they enjoy each other’s company with no reserve and no interruptions.  These are the days I will always treasure.