Ice Cream

I had Sammy in charge of dinner tonight.  He chose pizza.  I had some work to do, so I didn’t get any pizza.

There was no time for food, we had stuff to do at the school.  So we were off.  One meeting finished and we had some time left before picking up my cross-country runner.  So my non-cross country child and myself went to the store.  We had our fill of unhealthy snacks in our hands and were headed to the check out.

At the check out, we were standing in line and we saw a friend buying ice cream.  It looked soooo good!  It was raspberry chip cheesecake!  I sent my daughter to return some of our unhealthy snacks and we got some ice cream!  My dinner was a cup of raspberry chip cheesecake ice cream!  And it was delicious!

Tonight I am thankful for my ice cream dinner!  Yum 🙂