Better Than I Expected

I have been working for weeks and weeks on a deal.  The deal was supposed to be completed a month ago.  It has been extended and extended.  Today was the day for it to finally close.

I have to say, I’m usually a pretty optimistic person.  But about an hour before the meeting on this deal, I started getting moody.  I was just kind of waiting and expecting something else to go wrong.  BUT, it didn’t!  Nothing went wrong!  The deal F-i-n-a-l-l-y closed!!!  Yay!!

Then we were off to cheer practice.  I was getting a little nervous before cheer practice too!

We started a new program for Instructional Cheer today.  I was thinking that if we got 5 girls, I’d be happy.  A few hours before practice, my phone started buzzing . . . a lot.  I started to get worried that maybe we wouldn’t be able to handle all the girls.   We had 15 girls tonight!  It went great!  The girls were excited and listened very well!

Tonight I am thankful that on a day when I was getting to worried, everything turned out just fine!!  I’m feeling very blessed tonight!  Very blessed, and very tired!  Good Night All!