I’ve had a pile of papers on my desk that I haven’t wanted to attend to.  You know how it is?  Some piles of papers are just not as fun as other piles of papers.  Some piles of papers you may daydream about making them visit the trash can, or them accidentally blowing out a window, or going thru a paper shredding machine . .

Well these papers had been staring at me and condemning me to the guilt of not dealing with the papers.  Slightly evil inanimate objects, aren’t they!?

Today I am thankful for setting aside some time to dig thru the pile of papers that have taunted me from their place on my desk.  Yay being responsible . . ok, maybe that doesn’t deserve a “Yay”.  But I do feel better having that particular task done.

And just look at my kitty . . she is sleeping so soundly on the less bumpy pile of papers!




I am horrible for taking my wedding ring off at my desk.  I type faster without it.  Sounds silly, but it’s true.

Well it’s inevitable that I do leave the house without my ring sometimes.

A few years ago I bought a fake wedding ring at a flea market for $5.  It used to live in my purse.  Now it lives in my van.  It gets a good amount of use.  I may have even been thankful for the fake ring before in my blog.

But tonight I am thankful for my fake wedding ring!  It came in handy again today!


Ten Hours

I am not the world’s best painter.  There, I admit it.  The End.

Ok, not really 🙂

When there is an opportunity to do some painting and not have to tape everything and cover the floor; I am IN!

But, I’ve been sick . . for awhile . . . and I was running out of time.  Flooring is going to come in tomorrow.  It was either paint today OR tape everything and try not to spill.  I spill paint . . often.

Tonight I am thankful for getting the paint done today!  I am so thankful for a kiddo helper!  And I am thankful that the walls aren’t really just white as they appear in this picture . . they are actually a warm neutral earth tone. 🙂



This morning I dropped a kiddo off at an appointment and I ran in to Sam’s Club for one thing.  Seriously, I had one thing in mind when I went in there.

I was a little surprised that there was only one or two cars in the parking lot.  But, I guess with the snow, it shouldn’t have been too surprising.

Well, with the store pretty to myself, I strolled up and down the aisles.  That is not the best plan.  I had so many ideas!!  And I filled my cart.

The good news about that is that when I got home, the hubster helped me with some of the ideas!  My fridge now has turkey subs, turkey sandwiches, ham sandwiches, tuna croissant sandwiches, salads, and hard boiled eggs!  Tomorrow morning we are going to make bacon, egg, and cheese wraps for breakfasts this week!  I may prep some dinners too . . . but probably not.

Tonight I am thankful for the time wandering the aisles at Sam’s Club this morning!  It really was fun with not a lot of people there.  And I’m sure my family will be thankful this week when they are eating the yummy food so lovingly prepared!


I have one kitty that loves to sleep.  Any time I go near my bed, she runs in the room.

She does NOT like my cell phone.  I have it next to the bed and use it as an alarm clock.  She bites it and tries to gnaw on corners.

This morning I picked up the phone to turn off the alarm.  Sleepy kitty reached up with both paws and grabbed the phone.  I thought I would play with her with the phone.  I moved it and made her reach out more.  Then I sleepily dropped the phone and her paws, with claws out, fell on my face.

Tonight I am thankful that I only got one scratch on my face.  I really could have wound up with a lot more scratches. There are a lot more than just one claw on those two kitty paws!

And yes, I’ve learned my lesson . . no trying to out-muscle a kitty when I’m still half asleep!



The hubster doesn’t like a big internet to-do.  So I do try to keep my comments about him to a minimum on here.  But, tonight he gets the spotlight!

It has been a week and three days since his surgery.  And he is healing up nicely!  The surgery took a slight unexpected turn.  As, it was supposed to be a reconstructive surgery.  And the thing that was supposed to be reconstructed was no longer present in his body.  His body is weird.  He has had several surgeries over the past many years.  And his body is just always full of surprises!  Although I don’t know if that is specifically a good thing.  It sure keeps the doctors on their toes.

Tonight I am thankful that today the hubster took a few, very careful and ginger, steps on his own!  Yay!  He really needs to keep using his crutches.  But, he tried a few steps without and did pretty good.  Hooray!  I’ll challenge him to a race maybe next week 😉

The Real Deal

Last night I went to bed early.  This morning I hit snooze several times.  Approximately 10 hours of sleep and I was exhausted.  Among other symptoms, this exhaustion is just not going away.

So today I went to see my real doctor.  Did I see a fake doctor before?  Well no, but I had went to an Urgent Care doctor.  He was very nice.  But my real doctor knows me better.  And my real doctor looked at what I was prescribed and said something to the effect of – it was no wonder that I still felt like crap.

Here I was blaming my body for not getting better quick enough.  And it seems my body has actually been a rockstar doing most of this healing on it’s own!  Yay Body!  And my formal apologies to my body for thinking it was slacking off!

Tonight, two kiddos and I picked up my new prescriptions.  My real doctor is estimating that I should be feeling much better in a matter of days.  I am excited!  It’s been almost two weeks of feeling Icky.

Tonight I am thankful for going to see my real doctor today!  I have all my new medicines inside of me now and I’m going to go to sleep.  I’m going to sleep extra again tonight.  And I am just a little hopeful that I might wake up feeling a bit better tomorrow than I felt today.  I hope!  I hope!!