Ready to Ride!

Our 15 mile bike race is coming up next weekend.  I am excited for it!

We did this race two years ago, and we finished dead last.  BUT, we finished!!!  At that time, the endurance was just not there for my then-10 year old.  Since that race, he is now on his second season of cross-country.  So his body has learned a few things for sure!

We’ve had a bit of technical difficulty preparing for this race.  We’ve replaced the piece that moves the chain between the gears, pedals, seats, and various other items between the three bikes.  We’ve worked on recognizing the important difference between gears and seat to pedal distances!  And I believe we are ready to roll next weekend!

Tonight I am thankful for some rides leading up to this race with my kiddos!  The race itself will be fun too.  But these times riding together to build up to the race have been priceless to this Momma!