The Right Tools

Unfortunately, the repair list on the washing machine discussed last week was too long.  The more we looked at how much it needed and weighed in the age of the machine and how much we use it, we decided to see how much a new machine would cost.

The hubster did some research on energy-efficient models, capacity, etc.  We hoped on Lowe’s website (love their free delivery!) and found that the model at the top of our list just happened to be on sale for well over $200 off!  That made the cost of this new model look much more appealing versus the cost to attempt to repair the old machine.

The washing machine was delivered yesterday.

Our old machine came with the house.  That machine was selected by the previous owners; of which there were two of them.  Do you want to know the difference between a washing machine capacity selected for two people versus the washing machine capacity selected for six people?  I’ll tell you!  The difference is amazing!

I was skipping thru the house yesterday looking for more dirty laundry to wash!!  The size of the machine had never really clicked with me before as being a variable to my never-ending battle with the mountain of dirty laundry that had taken up residence at my house.  But, oh what a difference it makes!

Tonight I am thankful for having the right tool for our family’s laundry needs!!  I may start re-evaluating all the things in this house!  Ok, well not everything.  I won’t go overboard.  BUT, I wonder if there is anything else that could be just one change away from a bit more of my sanity being put back in to place!!  🙂