Well today I got the call.  The auto place, where my little Blueberry car was towed to, had taken off the engine cover.  And guess what they found?  Well . . . more like, guess what they didn’t find.  A piston.  Yes, a piston exploded in my motor.

They had looked up a new/used motor for me.  A used motor with 40,000 miles, with the timing belt they had already found to be broken, was around $5,000.  Guess what?  I have not budgeted $5,000 to spend on my not-so-old car!!!

I called the dealership to see if I still had a warranty.  I did!  The warranty is good for up to 60,000 miles.  My car is at 56,304 miles!!!  Blueberry was towed from the little auto place that was closest to the scene of Blueberry’s fainting spell, to the nearest Hyundai dealership.  And now I wait.  I am hoping to hear soon that this is all covered and I won’t owe a dime for a new motor.  Please send a prayer my way if you could please!!

Tonight I am thankful that I am 3,696 miles UNDER the mileage limit for my warranty!  And I will be extra, super, duper thankful when my car is back with a new engine and no bill!!