Choose Caring

I heard a very good piece of advice in Dave Ramsey’s Entreleadership.  Dave says that he operates his business by the Golden Rule.  And he puts a lot of thought in to it.

More than just “do unto other as you’d have done to you”.  That sounds a little stuffy, right?  How about, how would you want someone to treat you, if you were in that position?  That’s a good way to think of it.

Or maybe, how much can I do to minimize the negative feelings of someone I’m working with?  What is within my power to be able to do to extend grace and care to those around me?

I’ve been reading this stuff and listening to this stuff.  So today, when notice was given that a valuable member of my team is going to be moving on to an exciting new opportunity; my answer was clear in front of me.  She has a great opportunity in front of her.  And I choose to be happy for her.

Tonight I am thankful for the time she’s spent with me.  I’m thankful for her ideas, her organization, her friendly chats with clients, and most of all for her friendship.  I’m thankful she’s been a part of my life!  I know she’ll do great wherever her next steps lead her.

One per Month

The hubster and I chatted this morning.  And we made a plan.

We are going to focus on one room of the house per month (including the basement and attics).  In the month’s time we will go thru every inch of the room.  I tried this a little bit last year by myself.  But this needs to be a family activity.  We are going to get a poster board to write the tasks on and who will do them.  Yes, a poster board . . I want a nice large master plan that everyone can see!

I am excited!  We have a lot of stuff in this house that we don’t need.  And I fight with my inner pack-rat when trying to declutter!  So this will be great as a family activity!

Tonight I am thankful for a plan to have help with lightening our household!  I did a bit last year.  And I did get rid of a bit of stuff.  But I definitely need help!  And now the help is here!

The Ones Who Love

Today I spent almost all day in bed.  I did leave tonight.  Yes, there were warnings for slipper roads.  And, yes, I knew I should have stayed in bed.  But I’d been waiting for the Mr Rogers movie to come to Williamston’s Sun Theater.  And tonight we went!

I loved Mr Rogers when I was a kid!  I used to watch him all the time.  And I’ve been excited to see this movie.  I didn’t know it was based on article written about him.  And I’d never read the article; until tonight when we got back home.

I won’t ruin it for those still waiting to see it.  It was very good!  He was such a good and caring person!  A part that was in the movie and in the article and apparently in an acceptance of a lifetime achievement award; was Mr Rogers asking people to spend just a few seconds thinking about someone who loved them in to being.

What a powerful thing!  There is so much judgement now days.  I suppose there always was.  With social media now it seems magnified.

The truth is that not everyone will love you how you want them to love you; not everyone will talk to you like you want them to talk to you; and not everyone will care about you how you want them to care about you.  But what if you made an intentional effort to just take a few seconds to be thankful for those who loved you and fed in to your life in any way.

What if you let go of the anger, the frustration, and the expectations; and were just thankful that someone cared about you, maybe in the best way they could at the time, and they spent their attention for a snapshot in time, on you.  I’ll bet you will end up feeling a lot more loved than you do holding on to the negative feelings.  Mr Rogers saw that in people every day.

Tonight I am thankful that I snuck out of my bed tonight and went to see a movie about a wonderful man.  I am thankful that I came home and read the article that inspired the movie.  I am thankful that Mr Rogers took the work God gave him to do very seriously.  And I am thankful for the reminder to just count the love given in life. ❤


This week has been a blur.

I did too much yesterday.  And I felt it today.  It took me back about two days worth of recovering that I’d already done.

Today I did better.  I squeezed in a nap.  I wore extra layers.  I took all my vitamins and medicines close to on time.

And I am totally looking forward to a weekend of being snowed in with nowhere to go!

Tonight I am thankful for getting in a little rest today.  And I am thankful for a restful weekend ahead!


Business Partner

I have said for many years that the biggest draw back to having my own business is that I can’t call in sick.  I did move one appointment this week to give myself some time to rest.

But here’s the really cool thing, I only needed to move one.  For the life of my businesses, I have prayed over them both.  I think I’m a relatively smart person.  But I’m not smart enough to do as well as these businesses have done with everything else that has happened in life.  My business partner is awesome because he can see things that I can’t see.

This is not the first time in business that I would need some slow days; but would have no idea that I would need some slow days.  Yet, at the perfect time, just when I need them; there is a slow down that blesses me and lets me be able to handle whatever it is I need to handle.  In fact, if I recall correctly, the last time I got pneumonia this happened also.  I can’t schedule this stuff!  Yet, it works out.

Tonight I am thankful that when I can’t see what’s up ahead, God is looking out for me.  It is true that I don’t always remember to pray about my business.  And those times I don’t, are the times when I don’t do as well.  I’ve proven that over and over in the past 15 years.  And the rest I’ve gotten this week has been surely needed!

Not Ok

Alright, alright, I’ll publicly admit that although I wrote about planning on going to Urgent Care on Monday before the hubster’s surgery; I did not.

I was sooo tired.  It was all I could do to get myself ready to be there for the hubster that day.  Yesterday, I was sooo tired.  It was all I could do to get myself ready to be there for the kiddos and their appointments.  Overall I did think I was feeling a little better last night.  But I have been so exhausted, it’s been ridiculous.

So today, with the hubster’s encouragement, I did go in to Urgent Care.  Five prescriptions later, they have a plan for me.  Seriously it’s a thing in my medical history for multiple things to happen at once that all conspire to kick my butt.

I used to think it was just a thing that happened.  But I think it is more my seeming inability to know when my body needs rest.  Ironically I was questioning this rest issue quite a bit last week.  I am so out of touch with my body and it’s resting needs.  I’ve pushed it so hard for so long, that I just don’t know.  Last week I thought I was getting enough sleep, but then I still felt tired.  I wondered, was I really still tired?  Or was it the removal of pop from my diet?  I had no idea.

Hindsight is 20/20, I was tired.  My body needed rest.  It was probably trying to fight off one or multiple things going on.  I thought my body was being whiny about the lack of caffeine and sugar, so I pushed on.  This is a cycle that I will breaking.

Tonight I am thankful for going to see a doctor today.  Walking pneumonia can easily become hospital pneumonia for stubborn people like me who don’t know they have it and don’t take care of themselves.  So I’m taking care of myself now.  And I’m working on a change for this year.  Usually at this point in a new year, I’ve got a good plan on a major thing I want to focus on for the year.  I’ve been hemming and hawing because nothing seemed right.  But I’ve got it now.  It’s me.  All of me.  Parent-Me is pretty good, could always improve.  Business-Me is needing better boundaries and time blocking.  Wife-Me is sometimes on auto-pilot with parent-me and business-me; she needs to shine a little more.  But Personal-Me, well she sucks lately.  She doesn’t even know what she’s doing half the time.  And that’s not ok.

I wanted to set goals.  But sometimes you can’t set a goal if you don’t even know where you are standing.  If I don’t even know if I’m tired or not, I’m out of touch too far.  So first I’ll start walking in the direction of a goal while I really get to  know where I’m at; then I’ll polish up those goals.  But first, first I need to sleep some more.  Good Night!

Starting To

It started Friday morning with a scratch in my throat.  And it evolved and mutated in to horribleness.

I am happy to report that I am starting to feel like a human again . . just a little bit.  Changing medicines seems to have helped.  I did take three naps in the van today.  Kiddos had places to be.  I stayed in my fuzzy socks and reclined the seat to snooze.

Tonight I am thankful for starting to feel better.  I am going to bed early with my Nurse Kitty here keeping watch.  And hopefully tomorrow I’ll be feeling even better!