I remember a time when I could go days without looking at a calendar or list; and still get everything done that I was supposed to get done.  Those days are long gone!

On Saturday morning, I made a list of things to do over the weekend.  I worked a lot this past weekend on work-work; not list-work.  So I decided to ignore the list I made, because . . hey, it was the weekend!  Tonight, I had a meeting.  On the weekend list was written “prepare for meeting”.

Tonight I walked out my door.  I started my car.  I sat down in my car.  It was at that time that I remembered that I was supposed to bring a bunch of things with me tonight.  I ran back inside and grabbed things as fast as I could.  I arrived 5 minutes late and without a cd that I had completely forgotten about!

As I was driving home after the meeting I was considering how sad it was that I was so unprepared tonight.  This is not the first time I’ve done something like this.  Sometimes, I just know where I have to be and when I have to be there.  The other details don’t even come to my mind.  I was have a little pity-party chastising myself.

Then I thought of how SO much is going on in life right now.  I rely on my calendar and my lists several times a day to keep me on track.  (I need to write better notes on my calendar apparently!)  I think all in all, I’m doing pretty well.  At time I juggle too many things in the air.  I’m working on improving this; but I can’t change it over night.

Just a few short years ago my plan was to slow things down work-wise.  I’ve since discovered that slowing things down wasn’t the right move for our family’s future.  Finding more efficient processes and delegating more to good people is the much better business plan!  This is obviously still a work in progress, as I’ve shown tonight.

Tonight I am thankful for the reminder of how far I’ve come at being organized.  Although tonight proved the opposite; overall I have improved greatly.  I’m not naturally a super organized person.  Pretty much everything that I’ve learned and adapted have been out of necessity.  I know that I have a lot farther to go.   And I’ll keep moving in that direction with my eye on the horizon; NOT beating myself up when I stumble.