I have felt like I’m pushing thru a fog all week.  You know those times?  I just can’t concentrate!

I’ve got this work stuff here on my desk.  Kids are running in and out.  If they aren’t running in and out, then I’m wondering what they are up to.  My phone is ringing.  My text message alerts are going off.  My email is dinging.  I’m think of random things that I need to take care of.  I remember that email from last week that I never responded to.  I have to watch the time so I’m not late for kiddo stuff.  We’re out of milk . . and cat litter.  The laundry needs to be changed over.  The dogs bark at a car.  The house phone rings.  I think the car might be out of gas.  We need chicken food.  My poison ivy arm itches.  Do we have the ingredients for dinner.  Could I burn this poison ivy rash off with fire?  That sounds soothing at the moment.  The kids want to buy highlighters and accordion folders.  I offered to haul stuff with the truck . . when did I say I’d do that?  What?!  A cat just had a kitten on the patio!  Concentrate?  Ha!

Now here I am Thursday night, not truly wondering why I am behind.  Sometimes I make lists of things that I’ve done so that I can remind myself that I have accomplished things.  Right now though, I don’t even care.  I know I’ve done things.  I know I’ve gotten some work stuff done.  I know there is more to do.  I’m not questioning my contributions to the day.  I’m just trying to concentrate long enough to finish what I wanted to finish today.

A little chat with a friend reminds me, this is just a season.  This is the busy season in life.  What would I change?  Nothing really.  Of course I wouldn’t mind working less!  But, we have goals we’re chasing.  Family goals.  Goals to keep our family free and safe and prepared for the future.

In a few short weeks, the kids will be back at school.  The house will be a lot quieter.  I’ll concentrate better at work.  But I will miss them.  I’ll wish they were back home with me, running in and out asking me questions and telling me stories.  I’ll wish they were here and I’ll stare at the clock until it is time for them to come home again.

Tonight I am thankful for this season in life.  We are busy.  Sometimes too busy to remember what I was doing 60 second before.  But my heart is full and I am blessed.  So this season and all its craziness can stay as long as it likes.  I will be thankful for every second!