Years From Now

Have you ever made a random decision three years in advance?  Ha!  I do!

My daughter wanted to go see what was left at the closing Sam’s Club.  Everything went 50% off last Wednesday, so I didn’t really expect there to be much left.  I warned her that there might not be anything left.  But she was up for the trip, so we went.

There were lots of tubs of frosting from the bakery, books, a few clothes, various printer cartridges, and a few other random things.  Behind the 5 gallon buckets of frosting were bags of the plastic cupcake toppers that bakeries use.  It didn’t really spark my interest, but I looked.  They had a lot of graduation toppers: graduation star rings, owls with graduation hats, and just the word “Grad” on them.  It was $5 for a bag with 144 pieces.  Hmmm.

So, boom, just like that, I decided we will be making graduation open house cupcakes ourselves . . . for all four children.  Each child will get to have up to 144 cupcakes at their open house.  Am I ok with this number?  It seems like plenty to me.  I don’t know though, we haven’t done an open house.  Feedback is appreciated!

Tonight I am thankful for finding a few more good deals at our closing Sam’s Club.  I’ll remember this day for many more years to come as my kiddos graduate and we decorate their cupcakes!  Now all I have to do is not lose them between now and then!