Too Good

My Grandma had a collection of things that were “too good to throw away”. She wasn’t picky. The collection had things like fancy shampoo bottles (washed out of course), to left-over boxes from restaurants, to interesting wrapping paper and more. We once had a party for her were the gift theme was things “too good to throw away”. Grandma has lived with my Mom for several years now. Mom has helped Grandma scale back on her things!

I have noticed that I do this to a point. I am NOT as bad as my Grandma! But, I am thinking maybe I’m not as good as I think either. Today a random drawer was sitting on the sidewalk at the office. A teammember/friend picked up the drawer and I said something about how maybe we could find a use for it. She quickly took the drawer to the trash! Hmm maybe, my reputation is getting close to Grandma’s!!

Tonight I am thankful that at least I’m better than I use to be!! I have been working on intentionally letting things go, even if they are “too good to throw away”!

Why a Christmas themed photo? I don’t know. It is the first one I found with some ladies recovering from “too good to throw away” mentality!!

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