On occasion I make quick decisions.  I wouldn’t quite call it impulsive . . . although maybe that really is what it is.  I am not ready to use that label personally 😉  I would prefer adventurous!!  🙂  That sounds better.

A good example of this would be when I had decided that I wanted to teach Zumba.  I had played with the idea just a little.  One day I hopped on the website, and signed up!  Well, actually I filled out all the info and almost clicked “submit” with my mouse when I remembered that I should probably talk with the hubster first.  I called him at work.  I can imagine his face during this phone call.  It’s a mix between a deer-in-the-headlights and slight exasperation at his adventurous wife!  He agreed, I clicked submit.  A training session, test, and certificate later, and I was a Zumba instructor!!  I do still love Zumba.  Teaching the classes just wasn’t a good fit for me.  I did enjoy it while I did it though!

Well, the last few months I’ve been working on growing my hair out.  My hair is frustrating.  This afternoon I thought, why am I doing this to myself?  Why not wait until I’ve got the right vitamin, mineral, whatever figured out and my hair is healthy again.  And then grow my hair out.

So, I picked up children, picked up scissors, went in the bathroom and cut 4+ inches off my hair.  I walked out of the bathroom to a child shockingly exclaiming, “Mom, you just cut your hair!!”

Yep, I did.  I had under 10 minutes, because I had to leave to take another child to their next event.

So although I didn’t style this or anything, tonight I am thankful for giving myself some slack on my hair endeavours and making my head something that I can enjoy a little better for the time being!

*Excuse the tired eyes.  But ya know . . . life 😉


Field Trip Day

I just asked my son what I should blog about tonight.  He said I should tell you all that tomorrow is his field trip!

He is getting more excited about this field trip.  Less than an hour ago he came in and asked me if he had to “work” during this field trip.  I told him that he didn’t.  We are going to see a performance, so we sit there and watch.  He is very excited.  He says that his other field trips he had to “work” during.  So this is a nice change of pace.

I think the boy might be a little shaken when he grows up and finds out what real work is.  But for now, we’ll let him have the joy of enjoying a field trip tomorrow with no work 😉

Tonight I am thankful that my kids get interested in my thankful blog too.  I actually get requests from them fairly often on what I should write about.  They like to be a part of the blog. I like that they are learning to be thankful!  Life will always have good and bad things.  When you look at the good, life is always better.

A Little Seed

The idea of a seed starting small, taking root, and growing large is seen numerous times throughout the Bible.  It is such a simple concept, that is truly so powerful.  Just a little seed.  A tiny, little seed.  It can do so much.  It can grow in to a tree too large for me to wrap my arms around, to provide shade from the sun, food, and shelter.  A tiny little seed can provide fields of food, enough to feed any who hunger.  It all starts out so small.

Just last week, a new seed of an idea was planted in my heart.  I can see from here, how God has been working things in my life to prepare for this seed.  God is a great farmer.  He knows how to prepare land for a seed.  If I had seen this seed a few years ago, I would have smiled at it, perhaps.  But I certainly wouldn’t have thought it was anything that was meant for me.

This tiny little seed.

Have you ever held a seed, that you didn’t really know what it would grow in to?  I do that regularly, actually.  I’m not the best gardener.  I can tell what corn will do 😉  And sunflowers.  That’s about it.  But if you give me a flower seed, I can plant it.  If given some instruction on shade versus sun, etc., I could make the plant grow.  I would enjoy what the seed would produce.  And I could share the plant and brighten someone else’s life.

This tiny little seed here is going to grow in to something great.  I know I can’t see what the fruits of this thing will be yet.  But I just know, holding on to this idea, that it will be great.  I need time to research.  I have links saved to read when I have time.  I actually signed up for a webinar tomorrow that will lay some base knowledge for me.

God, being God, gives these seeds at the perfect timing.  I’ll be prepared to plant this thing.  I am excited about how this can help people!  And God, being God, did not drop this in to my lap when I have a week of open time slots.  He knows me well . . I sometimes (historically, most of the time) rush in to great ideas a little too quickly.  So I have this seed.  I’m holding it in my hand.  And I’m warming it up while I learn the best way to plant it!

Tonight I am thankful for this tiny seed of an idea that will be a blessing to others!  I don’t want my vagueness to leave you frustrated, so I will share that this will be a facet of my real estate brokerage, Ethos Real Estate West.  It will be a service offered to those in need.  And I think it will be wonderful!

To The Teachers

This is a blog that I’ve thought about for some time.  But I’m not always good at “political correctness”, so I’ve put this off.  Now, I think I’m ready.

This one is for teachers who teach children in a classroom setting.  Maybe this is a newer thing, or maybe I’ve only experienced this since being a parent of children in school.  But there seems to be two stereotypes that I want to address.  There seems to be people who are either rallying behind or completely against teachers.

I have seen different teachers feel the need to justify their jobs.  I know you hear comments about summers and snow days.  I know you come in early and stay late.  I know your hours are not just the hours that kids are in school.  I wouldn’t do well in a classroom with 20+ children every day . . I don’t have much of a filter.  I would be fired or sued, I’m sure.  I see what your job entails.  If you are met with negativity about your job, I would assure you that those people do not represent the majority of the public.

I admire the comradery in your profession.  I have two licenses with the State of Michigan.  One of these licenses has very little interaction with others in our profession.  The second license has more interaction, and some support; but not like what I’ve seen with teachers.  You guys have a great network, or so it seems from the outside.  And I wonder if that is why the second stereotype is present.

I don’t rally.  It’s not you.  It’s me.  I don’t pay close attention to negotiations with the state or county or whomever.  I don’t provide snacks for conference nights.  I think I may have brought a pre-packaged food item one year.  But, if it makes any difference; on conference nights, my kids are usually eating cereal at my house.  Cereal is my husband’s dinner of choice when I am not there.  So, if I am sitting awkwardly across your table – it is likely because I am awkward in most social situations.  I didn’t bring a dessert for you.  And I’m wondering if there is milk in my fridge for the cereal dinner at my house.  I can bring you in a box of Cheerios . . but I don’t think that would go over well.

Honestly, I don’t know when teacher-appreciation week or day is.  But, you’ll hear my appreciation when we talk one on one.  Sometimes I write a sentence in an email when we are talking – I mean that when I write it.  I hope you read it that way.  And when I say thank you when we talk in person, I mean it then also.

I guess I feel the need to write this because I’ve seen some of you frustrated and increasingly defensive.  I know parents can be difficult.  I know children can be difficult.  Sometimes teachers can be difficult too.  For the record – if you are rolling your eyes right now, I am merely stating the fact that we are all human.  I can be difficult at my job also.  I make mistakes.  I get upset sometimes.  I’ve had to apologize.

If I make a comment about your summers, I’m happy for you.  Like, truly happy.  (But really I don’t think I’ve ever made such a comment because I kind of don’t really care what you do with your personal time.  I mean, of course I care that you are happy, but details . . . well those are yours).  In my job, I don’t get summers off.  But, I get to move my schedule around to accommodate field trips, doctor’s appointments, etc. with no loss of work.  That is something I chose, and I don’t always feel like discussing that with people either.  Other people get benefits, vacation time, and company paid trips – and those are things that they chose.  Each profession carries its positives and negatives.

So here’s what I propose, I won’t view you with a stereotype.  And please don’t view me with one.  I know that your job can be hard.  And I know that you may not see me as your ally.  But we have a main goal here, the kids.  I want to hear if there is an issue . . I am equally as concerned about the outcome as you are.  Ok, that’s a lie . . I am more than “equally” as concerned.  The media seems to have painted parents as the enemy who want to blame the school system when their children are less than perfect.  But, that is not all parents.  I know my children are  . . well, children.  They are going to mess up and they are going to need help.  From you and from me.  We could make a terrific team if we walk in with no preconceived ideas.

So teachers, I love you.  I don’t think that you are evil.  I also don’t think you belong on a pedestal.  I think you are human.  I think you chose a profession where you can impact people’s lives because you truly care.

Teachers, I’m a parent.  You don’t have to love me.  Please know that I am not evil.  I also am not perfect.  I am human.  I chose a profession where I can provide an income for my family and also be present for my family, because I truly care.

We have a lot in common.  Do you see it?

Tonight I am thankful for teachers.  I pray you ignore the critics and keep your passion for helping that led you to this career in the first place.

P.S.  Let me know if you need more tissues because I buy them in bulk from Sam’s Club.  I just don’t always remember to send some in with my child.






Snow Day

I am not good at relaxing.  I may have mentioned that before 😉  I just don’t sit still well.

Today I thought we could go sledding.  Then I thought maybe I’d clean my room.  No, we should do all the laundry and dishes.  I did have some work to finish.  I needed to do our February calendars.  I could go to the grocery store.  I did make a weekly dinner plan and grocery list.

Today, we didn’t go sledding.  I didn’t clean my room.  I didn’t do any laundry.  I did wash some dishes, not all.  I did not finish my work.  I did do the February calendar.  I did not go to the grocery store.

Today I am thankful for a lazier day at home today!  I am thankful for not leaving home!  And I am thankful for a Super Bowl in my pj’s in our living room with my family!

Christmas in February

I can almost 100% (which would technically be like 89%) confirm that the Christmas gift idea of “events” and “experiences” was awesome-ly wonderful!

We have one more event next weekend, which was a gift to the hubster.  I’m sure he will like his event.  The kids have now each had an experience – including a hair cut, sewing lessons, and winter Iron Grip Ninja camp.  And they have each had an event – the Cinderella Ballet and the Monster Truck show tonight.

This is a Christmas gift idea that I think has just become a new tradition!  Some of the unplanned benefits of this are that:  1) Christmas just seems to last a little longer when the gift actually happens over a month later!  and 2) I budget for Christmas all year-long.  I do NOT budget for event tickets all year long.  So paying for the tickets out of the Christmas budget makes me feel very good; while the monthly $$ is still working to pay off debt and increase savings!

Tonight I am thankful that these Christmas gifts have went so well.  And I am also VERY thankful, especially tonight, that we have had good weather to drive in!  Tonight was supposed to have lots of snow.  In fact, we were considering the possibility that we might not go tonight, if all the snow came in (this really made me unhappy, as the tickets were already bought!).  So it is wonderful that the snow held off and the roads were good!  Yay!!



Tonight there was a middle school dance.  I first heard that it was a dress-up dance.  Then the kids told me that it changed to whatever someone wanted – if they wanted to dress up the could, or if not, they didn’t have to.

After the kids got dropped off, I hopped on Facebook.  There were pictures of other people’s daughters all dressed up.  I got concerned.  My daughter went in leggings and a sweatshirt.  She got to wear make-up, so she was happy.  BUT, what if she was at the dance all upset that she wasn’t dressed like everyone else?????

I mean, of course, I want the children to be themselves!  And she wanted to be comfy tonight!  But, I also remember what middle school was like.  Neither of my middle school children took their phones with them tonight, so I could not check on her!

We devised a plan.  I broke in to her phone.  Big sister went and picked out a dress.  Dad was ready to drive big sister to the dance; where big sister would take the dress inside and give it to little sister.

Big sister was texting little sister’s friends at the dance until she got one of them.  Turns out my daughter was just fine and having fun in her comfy clothes.  She did not want a dress.

I am thankful for a lot here!  I am thankful for the hubster being willing to drive up to the school (again) if needed, so that his daughter’s dance night was not ruined.  I am thankful for big sister picking out a dress, texting people, and being willing to crash a middle school dance to save her sister.  And I am thankful that all this was for nothing because in a sea of middle school uncertainty, my daughter was perfectly comfortable just as she was ❤