First Time

There was a time in my life when I flew on an airplane about once a month for about eight months.  It was my first year of college.  I was in Oklahoma and pretty smitten with this fella back in Michigan.  I worked between 35 – 40 hours a week pretty much to pay for plane tickets and phone bills.  Long distance relationships can total work . . but man, are they expensive!!

During that time, the fella I liked flew out once to see me.  He does not like heights and was terrified of flying.  But he came to see me ❤  That was his first time ever on an airplane.

After that time in life I flew with a friend to New York.  And I almost flew to Las Vegas to watch another dear friend get married.  That Las Vegas flight was never made.  I stood in the terminal staring at the airplane that they wouldn’t let me board that day.  There had been a terrorist threat and they had closed boarding early.  There was nothing I could do but stand there and cry; knowing I was missing a very important day.  Brief thoughts of sneaking out on the runway and crawling in with the luggage had went thru my head.

Today was the first time the hubster and I ever flew together!  He was the guy that I flew to see and that flew to see me in college.  But it hadn’t dawned on me until the other day that this was the first time we actually were flying together.  The two of us AND our darling children!

The flight went well!  The nervous children did well!

Tonight I am thankful for our first family flying trip!  And I am super thankful for a wonderful lady taking care of our home and our pets!  She has made this whole thing so much better, knowing that our critters are well taken care of!



Changing of Seasons

Today the summer lawn stuff was put away.  No more picnic table.  No more gliding bench.  No more lawn chairs.

Now we have driveway markers for snow.  And a snow shovel stationed by the door.


I do love fall.  The family holiday time of Thanksgiving and Christmas will be wonderful!  It was just sad to see the summer things go away.

Tonight I am thankful for a great summer this year.  And I thankful that we will have a wonderful winter as well!



Another Chance

Today did not turn out like I planned for it to.

Some days are like that, I know.

I started out so excited!!  And the day kicked the excitement right out of me.


But, I will not be defeated!

Although I did not get the things accomplished that I had intended to; I did get a lot accomplished.  And that is good enough for today!

Tonight I am thankful that it is bed time!  I am thankful that it is Friday!  And I am thankful that there is another chance tomorrow!


Felicia, my van, has needed new shoes (tires) for awhile.  She needed to have her hair done (rear spoiler).  She was over-due for a tummy cleanse (oil change).  And she needed a new inhaler (air filter).  And a few other things.

I’ve been putting it off.  This morning I got a traffic alert about icy roads and a multiple car accident.  That got me nervous.  Felicia’s shoes are pretty darn bad.  Well, it was time to take Felicia in for a spa day!

I texted the hubster who was able to take a long lunch to meet me while we dropped off Felicia.

Tonight I am thankful that hubster was able to take a long lunch today, since this was a last minute decision that it was unsafe to wait any longer.  And I am thankful for the wonderful team at Liskey’s in Lansing for taking good care of Felicia!



I got so much done today!!

I had to adjust my work schedule a little bit and ended up with some unscheduled time!!  I was excited for this great opportunity to get things done around the house!

I am not beating myself up that I could have done more.  I started to.  But then I stopped myself.  Nope!  I did good today!  I got things done and I spent a little time just relaxing for a little bit.

Tonight I am thankful for a productive day that was unscheduled with work!  I should totally make this a regular thing on the calendar!


Here is the progression:

1) new printer comes to the office
2) I get nervous that cats might ruin the new printer with cat hair or other cat like things
3) a giant llama is won at the fair
4) giant llama sits on the printer to deter cats.  This works great!
5) with giant llama in the office, kiddo brings down giant panda to keep llama company
6) panda becomes a staple in the office, used like a beanbag chair by kiddos
7) panda becomes deflated and a little dirty living on the floor
8) panda is too big for washing machine.  I start to brainstorm.
9) the space between the copy machine and the heater in the wall is limited
10) to the rescue with narrow chair that reclines
11) amazon delivers today
12) chair is put together and placed in panda’s old spot
12a) panda is in a plastic bag waiting for a trip to the laundry-mat some day
13) I say to hubster “try out the chair”

Tonight I am thankful that the new chair is a hit!  I may need to brainstorm to keep snoring to a minimum here in the office.  But the chair was cheap, comfy, and doesn’t block the heater!  Yay!


Night Two

I’ll be honest, the first night on our new bed was not very comfy.  I tossed and turned quite a bit.  The hubster also didn’t sleep good.

But last night, night #2 on the new bed was great!  Hooray!

Tonight I am thankful that night two was much better than night one on the new bed!!  I was a little nervous there for a few minutes.  But, whew, it will be great!