Ha! Klutz!

In high school, I ran hurdles in track. This was before my school actually had a track. So I practiced hurdles on the concrete sidewalk. That was all ok, until I fell. I have shared this great story of my klutziness before to my kiddos.

I didn’t realize until today that my knee was still bandaged in my high school track picture!! 🤣😂🤣 This is absolutely hilarious to me! At least my arm was out of the sling!! Or maybe I had just taken it out for the picture, I don’t remember.

Tonight I am thankful that although I am a lifelong klutz, I have only broken one toe bone, that I am aware of! (I am not counting bone fractures in with bone breaks by the way.) Muscles, nerves, etc, I can’t count all of those. But, bones are pretty good! I drink a LOT of milk! 🙂 Perhaps that is the key? Maybe milk truly does do a body good! Sign me up for the next commercial!