Sometimes I think it seems silly that when I get to the end of the day, and I go to write my blog, I think that I am so thankful that I made it thru the day!

Tonight I tried to think of something more.  Maybe something more meaningful.  Or maybe something more important.  Many times I just write that I am thankful that I made it!

My thought tonight is that I really shouldn’t discount the feeling of making it thru the day!  I did not get enough sleep last night.  I had a full day of appointments.  And I had a full day of work at my computer.  I made sure the kids got good food (thank you Shipt!).  And I had moments to chat with each person in this house.  I pet and snuggled my doggies.  I didn’t loose my cool when the cats knocked stuff off my desk again!!  (P.S.  My left “Alt” key is missing from my keyboard.  It was there when I went to bed last night and gone this morning.  None of the cats are talking . . . they may be holding it for ransom).

There is nothing too glitzy-spectacular there.  But it was not a bad day by any means.  And I made it thru the day, ready to slide in to bed and sleep for as long as my alarm clock will let me.  I think that is a pretty small, ordinary, and actually spectacular thing!

Tonight I am thankful for making it thru today!  I won’t get a prize for today.  But I do get the satisfaction of knowing that I gave today everything I could!  And I can’t wait to sleep!  Good Night All!

P.S.  If you see a left “Alt” key for sale online, will you let me know?  My cats may be trying to make some money for more mouse toys . . .


Bully Situation

One week ago today I put a post on my personal facebook page about my child being bullied at school.  I had a specific reason for that post.  Although I tend to be pretty direct, the post was specifically a passive aggressive post that I was hoping another parent or two would see.

See I’m facebook friends with parents of children who were leading the teasing against my child.  And I didn’t want them dismissing this situation.  Albeit I haven’t talked to them personally, I do believe they are somewhat aware.  Would the “adult” thing have been to reach out the parents?  Perhaps.  But, part of being an adult is realizing what would improve a situation, and what would make it worse.

I do want to note that the bullying going on was not physical.  If it were, I would have handled things differently.

Anyway, I had enough reason to think that talking to the parents directly would make things worse all the way around.  So I got creative.  No, I got desperate.  Not creative, desperate.  I was tired and worn down from all this.  And I posted in an impulsive moment, wishing that the magic of social media might work towards a good end.  It was not a well thought out moment.  Eh, we all have our moments, right?

What I received was an outpouring of caring and thoughtful people.  People have been praying for my child ❤  I received private messages from people sharing their stories and offering help.  I truly am touched!

I did take the post down.  I really wasn’t prepared for all the supportive people!  And, well now at this point I feel like I should wrap up things about that post.  So here’s “the rest of the story”:

It all started with my child saying something stupid.  He didn’t think before he spoke.  And he instantly regretted it.  But the words were out there.  And his classmates held on to those words to tease him every day.  I talked to my son every day and we waited a little over a week to see if it would just taper off.  It didn’t.  So I reached out to the school.

The school has been tremendous help!  We have been talking regularly, working on plans, and measuring progress.  And things have been improving.  I believe some factors for this success is that the school and I are being honest.  I honestly don’t expect the school to be able to make every single child behave instantly.  I do honestly know that this was inadvertently started by my child.  No, he does not deserve to be teased and tormented because he said something dumb; everyone says something dumb at some point.  But I know what we are up against.  And the school honestly is trying their very best to do make things better.

My son and I have been talking a lot.  We’ve been talking about how he feels about what is happening and what is actually happening – many times these are two different things.  We’ve talked about the times that he joins in on teasing other classmates because “everyone is doing it”; and this is a good reminder to him that just because everyone is teasing in “fun”; it does not mean that the people being teased feel or recognize that it is just teasing.  My child has done it too.  And he was wrong.  It isn’t fun.  It doesn’t feel fun.  It feels like harassment.  It feels like torture.  It feels bad enough that my child was calling home sick every day for over two weeks.  It was physically making him ill.  I understand.  I remember.  I’ve been there.  BUT, we don’t stay there.

I’ve assured him that this situation will not stay this bad.  We’ve talked about a lot of different possibilities of things we could do. And I’ve promised him that we will keep trying together until we find what works best here.  Last Friday was the first time in three weeks that my child did not try to call or text home that he felt sick (the feeling sick from nerves).  It was better.  I know that we’ll have some setbacks.  But I’m feeling much more positive than I was a week ago.

Tonight I am thankful for all the love and support that we received from everyone that saw my post.  I am thankful for the school in trying to help make this better.  I am thankful for the parents that talked to their kids about how this made my child feel.  I am thankful that when I cannot be with my children, God is with them.  It’s hard to learn to pray and have faith for peace and patience.  It can be hard for me and it can be hard for my kiddos.  But prayer works and peace comes.  ❤


3 Out of 4

Before Christmas, I spent a lot of time thinking about each kiddo for their event/outing gift.  I wanted each kiddo to go somewhere that would have the most meaning for themselves.

First, my basketball boy went to see the Harlem Globetrotters.  My car boy went to the Auto Show.  My Hamilton fan got to see Hamilton.  And today was number four.  My fashionista had tickets to a fashion show.

When I had the idea to take her to a fashion show, I spent quite a bit of time on the internet.  There are a lot of small groups that host fashion shows.  For instance, a high school had a prom fashion show.  That wasn’t what I was looking for.  In all my research, I thought I found a winner.  And today we drove to Grand Rapids, to the show.  There was to be a runway show with vendor booths.  It sounded perfect!

Then we arrived.  I saw preteens/teens in a two rooms with the doors left open outside the event area.  We entered the event itself to find what appeared to be most family members.  We stayed and waited.  We had arrived right on time.  Forty five minutes later the show had not yet started.  Turns out the show started an hour after the time of the event.  That was not noted anywhere.  And we grew increasingly uncomfortable as we were obviously not family members there to watch the rest of the crowd’s family members.  So we went out and visited the vendor booths.  We scored a few good deals there.  *sigh*   This was not the fashion show that I thought it would be for my girl.

Fortunately we were not going to let that spoil our evening!  We had noticed a mall and a Culver’s down the road.  We got some dinner and visited the mall.  They had a two story Barnes and Noble store!  And they had a Cheesecake factory!  Mmmmm!  On the way home we stopped and had our own fashion break with some discount store fun.

Tonight I am thankful that although this fourth Christmas event was not what we were hoping; we still had a great time tonight.  And my girl said she had fun ❤


Never Again

The picture below was my view yesterday, late afternoon, as I slid backwards down a steep, curing driveway surrounded by trees and swamps.  I do believe my minivan would have had no problems on the hill.  I was driving the hubster’s car.

I don’t scare easy.  On a regular basis I go solo in to basements of strange houses with no electricity.  I go in to boarded up houses.  I’ve gone in to houses that are supposed to be vacant, but have animals or squatters in them.  I’ve got pretty good nerves and lots of prayers.

Yesterday I was shaking.  Yesterday I was scared.

I put the car in Park and it kept sliding.  I had my foot on the brake and the car stopped.  Everything I tried did not work.  Park, Drive, neither helped my situation.  Only my foot on the brake stopped the car from sliding down the hill.

I called a tow truck.  Everything the nice man tried was not working.  I was getting ready to just let the car fall down the hill.  I mean, it is fully insured.  Finally, an idea worked.

Little by little, we let the car slide down a few feet.  When the car went off the driveway, the tow driver hooked up the back end and pulled the car back to the driveway.  Then he took off his equipment.  We’d slide the car down a few more feet until it was going off the driveway again, and he’d hook back up and pull the car back over.  Little by little, slowly, a few feet by a few feet.  Until finally I was down off hill!

Tonight I am thankful that the car and myself are both ok.  It was just shy of three hours from getting stuck on the hill to getting back off the hill.  I plan to never do that again.  Today I was glad to be driving only my van again.




Four weeks ago a kiddo got braces put back on.  *sigh*  Kiddo was unhappy.

Later that day, kiddo had a weird blister appear.  The next day there was another blister.  Then we were at the weekend.  A quick scan of the internet led me to believe that kiddo was now allergic to something in the braces.

That Monday morning, the orthodontist wanted to see kiddo right away.  Orthodontist also believed kiddo to be allergic and changed the nickel wire to titanium.  Kiddo seemed to be ok for almost a week.  Then there was another face blister.

This time the orthodontist said kiddo should see the allergist.  I personally have never been to an allergist.  From what I understood, the allergy testing was like a one time thing.  Now we know that a metal allergy test is different.  Tuesday kiddo got metal things poked in to her back.  Her back was covered and taped lots of different ways.  Thursday her back was inspected.  Today her back was inspected.  And Monday her back will be inspected.  Wowzers.

Tonight I am thankful that we now know two things that kiddo is allergic to.  Both items are used in orthodontics. Hopefully next week we will make a good plan for my now metal-allergic kiddo.  Invisalign perhaps?  Or duct tape?  Maybe we will just duct tape kiddo’s teeth? He he he!

For braces visual entertainment – please see below picture borrowerd from shutterstock.com.



Ok, ok, I know I complain about the hubster’s snoring often.  And I know that I talked about enjoying the sleep quality of not sharing the bed with my snoring hubster when he was sleeping in the recliner after his surgery.  But, I’m ready to take some of it back.

See, our insurance wouldn’t pay for the hubster to go in for a sleep study at first.  He had to wear an at-home thing that measured him.  He went in yesterday morning to talk to the sleep people.  They said that a normal person stops breathing up to five times per hour.  (I think he said per hour).  Over 30 is severe.  He stopped breathing around 34 times.  They wanted him to go in immediately for a sleep study at their facility.

So last night, I was hoping to have a wonderful night of sleep alone!  I couldn’t 😦  I tossed and turned wondering how he was doing.  I guess for me to enjoy the quiet, roomy bed; I need to know that he is safe and sound in the recliner.

Tonight I am thankful that the hubster is getting the help he needs to sleep better.  I asked him yesterday when the right time was to say “I told you so”.  I’ve been strongly suggesting he gets a sleep study done for years.  He said he didn’t believe there was a correct time for me to say “I told you so”.  Hmph!  Maybe on my birthday 😉



Last year I had designated time on my calendar for “Strategic Planning”.  Um . . I think out of twice a week for many, many weeks, that I actually did it once or twice.  Somehow everything else always seemed to take precedence over the time that I wanted to spend planning my business and setting goals.  I still planned business and set goals.  But it was  sporadic and not the designated time I desired.

For the next many weeks a kiddo has a two hour engagement, twice a week.  That means that twice a week I will be driving said kiddo, and sitting in the car for two hours.  That means, that I have my planning time!  Hooray!

Tonight I am thankful for the next two months of mandatory time away from my computer every week to plan!  I am looking forward to it!

P.S.  My steering wheel attachment to make an in-vehicle desk is still alive and well!!