New Things

Today I had the pleasure of making a video.  My wonderful team helped!  And my wonderful kiddos helped!

I am obviously not a professional video-grapher.  But it was a fun way to send a message to our clients!

Tonight I am thankful that I am learning a little more every time I do a video!  And I am super thankful for online resources to make me better every time!

I’d love your feedback!  Check it out here:






Two weeks ago I had a super-jam packed work week.  Like ridiculously jam-packed.  Then word came that the kiddos would be home from school.  I was thankful that the kids are old enough to stay home!

Last week I had a fairly busy week planned, not quite as busy  as the week before.  Then came word that my profession might not be allowed out.  I pushed all my appointments up that I could.  And I pushed all my appointments back to Friday that I could.  That caused calendar chaos!  I then spent every minute I could find researching.  Being a realtor/broker was definitely not essential for leaving the house.  Although working from home is definitely ok.  Appraising is still not defined.  Although federally it seems to be essential.  So I’ve continued at a limited level.  It ended up being a much busier week than I had planned!

I gotta tell you, I’m a little bit looking forward to this week – it may be a little more of a manageable level!  And I am going to start the week all caught up with work!  I may even sleep eight hours a night!  That has been one of my consistent life goal for years now.

Trying to type this weekend has caused a great deal of pain.  I am now confirmed as a fractured wrist.  I am thankful it is not broken in to pieces needing surgery for sure!  But, I will be a little slower at my computer.  Work levels should be normal this week.  Trying to do this with an injured wrist and the work level from the last two weeks would be horrible.

Tonight I am thankful for an upcoming week that should contain full nights of sleep and perhaps more clarity on what I can and can’t legally do!  I am most thankful this week that all of these things are so minor in comparison to the fact that right now, my family is healthy.  With all that is going on, my family’s health is a huge thing to be thankful for.  And I pray for all those who aren’t healthy now.

❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤


I have this child with a birthday in April.  This is a child that looks forward to his birthday all year long.  Seriously, as soon as his birthday celebration is over, he starts planning for the next birthday!

So, this social distancing is being problematic for his birthday planning.  We talked that is might be quite awhile before being out and about.  And now he is dreaming about summertime birthday celebrations.

I’ve been in a good amount of pain these last few days.  And really not remembering all of his 101 ideas.  So today he got his own little notebook.  It even has tabs, so he can organize all of his birthday ideas!

This particular child is very good at holding me to things, “But, you said Maybe!”  or “You said Probably!”.  I can’t give him any answers right now.  And if I give him an answer that hints at any one direction, he takes it and runs with it.  So, Yay for the birthday notebook!

Tonight I am thankful for a birthday notebook to keep my sanity and keep my excited birthday boy on track for delayed birthday celebrations!



My Shoe

I am a klutz.  Wednesday I was walking up the stairs and hit my toes.  They swelled up and turned colors.  That was no big deal.  I’ve hurt my toes a lot over the years.  Quite frankly, I think the 10 little soldiers are amazing for sticking with me for so long!

Yesterday I tripped over a shoe that I left laying around.  That’s the part that sucks.  It’d be better if I could blame the kids!  But no, it was me.  It was my own shoe that I didn’t take care of.

I was making faces at my teenager and not looking where I was going when I tripped on the shoe and fell in to a doorway.  I must have twisted my hand up kind of weird when I fell and caught myself.   Ouch. I didn’t finish my work last night.  I couldn’t type well and I hurt.  So I went to bed, hoping it would feel better in the morning.

Nope, it still hurts.  Ugh.  I did make it thru working today.  I just have a little more to do here at my desk.  Although typing hurts.

Tonight I am thankful for ibuprofen!!  I couldn’t have made it thru the day without it!  I love the buy one get one free ibuprofen sales.  I am well stocked!!






Today was written on my calendar to take the kids out of the house!  I had plans of some new trails to explore.  But it doesn’t sound like we should go out exploring in new places right now.

Ok, no problem, we can make our yard an interesting place.  Hmm, I had an idea at the last minute.  I tore up 8 pieces of paper.  I wrote 4 different colors down.  And I wrote down four different adjectives.  Each kid picked a piece of paper from the number pile.  And they picked a paper from the adjective pile.  Then the kiddo had to find something that fit the color and adjective combo.  Yeh . . this was not as difficult as I had planned.  The fist kiddo got the color black and the adjective squishy.  At the kiddo’s feet was a number of black, squishy kitty cats!!

The other kiddos took them a little longer to find.

On our walk, we decided to cut across the field and in to the woods.  Full disclaimer, we do not own the field and woods.  The kiddos were concerned about trespassing.  So next time I see our farmer, I will have to tell him about our walk so my kiddos feel better!  There is nothing planted right now!  So we didn’t ruin anything!

It didn’t take long for the kiddos to get curious with things we’ve found!

Tonight I am thankful for a fun excursion in to the woods today!  And we wore out the dogg-o!  He had fun on our walk too!






Before all this social distancing stuff I had bought some goodies for clients.  Well I didn’t get them delivered.

And now my family has sacrificed themselves to help take care of the cases of Girl Scout cookies that I was going to pass out.  Could the cookies have been placed somewhere safe until we are allowed to be out around people again?  Well . . . maybe.  But, there are no guarantees.  I mean, what if the cookies melted or fell and broke?  I mean my family was selfless in their consumption of the cookies so they didn’t go to waste!!!

Ok, well maybe we just really like the cookies.  And maybe it seemed liked torture to stare at the cookies for who-knows-how-long while we wait out this germ-filled world.  And well, maybe we’re weak.  Ok, Ok, we are just all weak!!!  Fine!  But, Mmmm, the cookies are good!!!

Tonight I am thankful for these yummy cookies!!  Now, seriously, I need to work out because I’ve eaten a lot of cookies.  And I still need my pants to fit tomorrow!



What a long day!  I am almost caught up on work.  Almost.  Just an hour or so more and I’ll be on track.

There is a bit of drama going on right now in my profession.  It is warranted drama.  The governor’s order did not clearly define real estate.  Today there was clarification given on the real estate brokerage side.  But NOT on the real estate appraisal side.  This unknown is not good.

With a clear direction, people can at least make a plan.  But, there is no clear direction yet.  Other states say appraisals are vital to financial institutions.  Honestly, what I’ve heard from some people is that they are relying on their refinance to fund their time off of work right now.  That is important to them!

But if it is all on hold, then that is what it is and people could make other plans.

Tonight I choose to be thankful for the specific direction that has been given.  And I pray that further specifics are released sooner rather than later.