I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving!!

I had saved a picture that I found online to make for breakfast this morning.  I will tell you that I have a very low success rate for making cute food look like the cute picture of it that I found online.

But today, we had a Thanksgiving miracle!!

I am thankful that the cute breakfast Thanksgiving turkeys looked very close to the picture I had found online!!  We had a whole flock of turkeys in the kitchen this morning! 🙂



A few weeks ago I sent the hubster a text.  I told him I thought we should buy a box truck.  I like to think that I keep his life exciting with my many ideas!!  A family member was  selling one of his old work trucks for pretty cheap!

We’ve been working on a plan for the hubster.  It’s a multi-year plan.  But this truck could help!  We can move refrigerators and tall things to new rental properties in it!  We can move . . anything we want!  Hay for the animals, straw, barn siding, the possibilities are endless!

Tonight we picked up the new-to-us box truck!  It was quite a ride home.  I haven’t driven a box truck in a long time, like twenty years I think!  The headlights weren’t the best, it definitely needs new windshield wipers, and an alignment.  But, it was cheap!

Tonight I am thankful for our new box truck!  It needs a little TLC.  But it will be good for what we want!

P.S.  The hubster suggested (jokingly) that maybe I should take it Black Friday shopping!  Ohhh!  Think of the deals I could partake in!!  But, really I don’t want to maneuver it around all the shoppers!  Maybe next year after I’ve had more drive time with it 😉



Coming up with dinners is occasionally a bothersome chore.

I have two fairly good eating kiddos.  And two picky eating kiddos.

Sometimes to solve the issue, we do a variety of food.  Tonight was such a night.  We had appetizers for dinner with pretzel bites, cheese sticks, cheese, crackers, ham, turkey, and pizza.

Tonight I am thankful that everyone ate their dinner tonight with no complaints 🙂  Maybe it wasn’t the healthiest of dinners.  But it was yummy!

Good One

There’s been a lot going on in our household lately.

Sometimes date nights turn in to a night like tonight, going to a vacant house to spray flea spray all over the carpet.  Ah romance . .

Ok, but the better thing is that sometimes the hubster comes home from work and brings me treats ❤  I’m actually trying not to eat too horribly right now.  So this might sit here for a few days and drive the kiddos nuts!

Tonight I am thankful for the little things, that just show the hubster is thinking about me 🙂


The Day

Today was the day!  The Ethos Real Estate West Client Appreciation Party!  I think it was a success!

There is so much to be thankful for here!!

Tonight I am thankful first of all for our clients and everyone who sends referrals our way!  We know we wouldn’t be here without you!!  I am thankful for the awesome team at Ethos West for loving on our clients and helping to make this a great day!  I am thankful for the wonderful people at Sun Theater for letting us use their theater!  I am super thankful for my family for supporting my business and helping with the extra things that come along with it!





Tomorrow is the day!  Our client appreciation party!

I think we are ready!  Well, except for the movie.  Hmmmm.

See we rented a movie theater and are watching ELF.  And I need to bring it in a certain format . . which I’ve forgotten to get.  All the other details are done.

Tonight I am thankful that the party doesn’t start until the afternoon!  Thankfully I’ll have time to go get the movie in the morning!  We own the movie here at the house.  But we don’t have it in the right format.  After tomorrow morning we will!


Tonight is Lansing’s Silver Bells in the City.  We have a tradition of sitting warmly in the living room and watching the parade on TV.  Tonight the tradition continues!

I am toasty warm under my blanket!  The people on tv look chilly!  We love watching for our favorite parade people!  Liskey’s tow truck is a favorite 🙂  Peacock Road Tree Farm is a favorite!  And the CATA bus looking like a caterpillar!

In past years I planned special snacks and treats for parade watching.  Tonight we had the pizza man bring us food!

Tonight I am thankful for a warm night in watching the Silver Bells parade!  A great job to all the parade people tonight