I am a professional mis-placer of most things small and important.  I am seriously good at it!  I should find a tournament or something.

This morning I had an appointment where I got to fly the company’s drone!  So exciting!  The drone needs it’s microSD card in it to keep the pictures that I would be taking.  Fortunately (Or unfortunately) I had kept the microSD in a “safe” place.  I was certain that I knew where I had put it!

I looked in my cabinet of drawers at least three times.  I looked in a few other places where it “could” be; but I knew it wasn’t actually there.  Finally I decided to take everything completely out of the drawers.  It had to have been in the drawers!  Finally, when I was about to give up all hop; I found it!!

Tonight I am thankful for finding the microSD card just in the nick of time before my morning appointment!  Drone was flown and pictures were taken with no issues!  Yay!



The hubster and I are Adam Sandler fans.  One of my favorites is Wedding Singer.

Today I met a woman who reminded me of the nice older lady from the Wedding Singer!!!  I really wanted to say something to her.  But I didn’t know if she’d seen the movie.  Or if she’d know that it really is a compliment!  The older lady on the movie is very nice!  And her hip hop singing at the end is wonderful!

The woman today was very sweet.  She talked on and on about her grandkids and great-grandkids!

Tonight I am thankful for the interesting and amazing people that I get to meet in life!  I hope she didn’t hate me for accidentally spilling insulation on her floor when I opened her attic up and the attic door slipped!!!!




A few weeks ago I finally tried out Wish.  This silly site kept sending me all sorts of really cheap advertisements.  I was strong for a long time!  Then I gave in.
Now the packages have started arriving.  I got back home today to all sorts of goodies!

It started as Christmas presents.  That is how I justified it.  I bought some Christmas presents.  Then there were some other shiny things.  🙂

Tonight I am thankful for playing dress-up this afternoon with my daughters, trying out the new shiny accessories that were delivered to our door!  I need to stay off that website for sure!  I don’t need any more shiny things for awhile!

Strange Start

We are two days in to this week and I have had more weird house appointments so far than the last few months!

Yesterday I had two different houses, in two different cities, where there tenants in the buildings.  The tenants knew there were house appointments, left the house, and left their dog loose in the house.  Needless to say, I didn’t go in.  But two different tenants in two different cities on the same day!?  Weird!!

Today, I went to pick up keys for a scheduled appointment with multiple apartments.  When I arrived to pick up the keys, I was told one of the apartments was being re-keyed and the office didn’t have a key yet!

So I went off to my next appointment in a small-ish town that is has been tore up with road construction.  I went around the back-way thru town and couldn’t even get to the street I wanted.  Earlier, a semi-truck was going down the same back-way, went off the road, and hit an electric pole!  I parked three blocks away and walked.

Tonight I am thankful that hopefully this week got all it’s weirdness out in the first couple days here!  I am also very, very thankful for the nice sunshine today!  It wouldn’t have been nearly as fun walking those three blocks today if it were raining!

I Didn’t Know . . Guilt & Fear

One week ago I was talking with a very wise woman, my mother.  I was just talking about life stuff.  I was talking about goals and reasonings.  I made an innocent comment about part of what drives me.  And she said, “that is not from God.”.

I felt like when you wake up from a good nap and don’t know what day it is.  Part of what drives me, part of what keeps from my more sane goals, has actually been fear.  Fear is not from God.  I hadn’t noticed.  I had no idea.

It started so innocent.  There were hard times in our family about a decade ago.  And I have carried a lot of that with me.  I’ve carried more than I thought.  I thought that I’d let it all go.  I thought I’d forgiven myself for making dumb decisions.  I carried all of it for my family back then.  And I thought I had let it go.  But, if now, ten years later, I’m making decisions because of the “what-if’s” from years ago; then I haven’t let it go.  This is more than just “lessons learned” from years ago.  This is based out of – I don’t want to let my family down like I felt that I did around ten years ago.

The funny thing (not really funny though) was that when I was talking with my mom a little later; the part where I felt like I let my family down . . . never actually happened.  I saw the worst that the situation could have been.  I remember feeling helpless, scared, and so at-fault for not having better prepared my household to face a life-storm.  But we did survive.  The part I was most afraid of, never happened.  Yet, I’m making decisions now, ten years later, so that the worst-case scenario of a decade ago, can never touch us now. . . . that’s fear.  That’s not faith.

This is a Heavenly message.  There has been so much lately that has been building; and is still building towards this.  There was a saying that I read weeks ago that has stuck with me.  I am horrible at quoting, but it was something along the lines of the habits that got you thru a storm are not the ones that will cause you to prosper after the storm.  Boy that one hit home too!  And today, a book that I had ordered arrived.  This book is a planner, and I’m horrible at planners.  This one is different.  This is a goal planner produced by a company that is so tremendously above the norm on goals and peaceful, personal contentment. Just flipping thru the pages, I see what a fantastic tool this will be.  God has some great things ahead!  And I see him lining all this up, to get me to where I need to be to be able to receive these blessings.

Tonight I am thankful that God doesn’t give up on us!  It’s been over ten years that I’ve been carrying this and I couldn’t see it.  God could.  And he’s been sending help in my path for me to see this weight so I can let go of this anchor that has been holding me back and stealing my peace.  This will be a process.  But I know I’m not alone thru it ❤

Off the Main Path

We had a football game today an hour away from home.  I was not excited.  I don’t mind driving.  I drive a lot for work. I just didn’t feel like it today.

Of course we went.  On our way, the road we were on ended at a “T” intersection.  But, going straight from our road was the entrance to a state park.  We had to turn left to get to the game.  And we were late!

On the way home, we went to check out the park!  There were lots of signs about hunting. I’m not sure if hunting is allowed in that park or not.  The signs made it questionable.  So, we decided not to go on trails.  But, we found this very pretty spot for boats.  We got out and took some pictures before taking the trek back home.

Tonight I am thankful for a pretty little spot off the main path today!  I wasn’t expecting to find such a pretty little gem while driving for a football game ❤



The hubster and I went out to dinner tonight.  Our anniversary is actually tomorrow, the 6th.  But, we will be busy with life stuff.  So we snuck out tonight!

Then we went to Menards . . hmm . . .

Tonight I am thankful for 18 years of being married to this guy.  I think we get better every year ❤