Um . . Titles are Difficult with Some Subjects

I am an over-sharer by nature. So, well. Ya’ll may know more about me than you’d like!

We had a deadline today. The last dumpster cleaning out the barns at the old house! Exciting, right? Well, no, not really. We were supposed to have the dumpster for a week, but they didn’t have any pick-up dates for that. So, we ended up with just the weekend. Whatever, we’d make it work.

For the record, I am not nearly as excited about 3 barns, a detached garage, basement, and three walk-in attics as I was when we had purchased the house a decade ago. When there is space, stuff just seems to accumulate in the space. Ugh. Anyway, good life lesson here that I hope I’ve learned, along with the kiddos and hubster!

Ok, back to the story. We were going thru things and filling the dumpster. I was watching the clock. I needed to stop with enough time to shower and be all clean before showing houses this afternoon. Oops, I lost track of time! I ran out of time to shower. So, I changed my clothes, redid my ponytail, put on extra deodorant, a little more than necessary of the body spray, and I was on my way.

I took this picture because I was thinking of a marketing post about the ANSI gross living area standard of ceiling heights. This was in an older house with low ceilings on the second floor. But, as I was scrolling thru my gallery to help with what I was thankful for today, I saw this picture in a different light, since my arm is up and there were no fumes to render my client unconscious!

Tonight I am thankful for all the helpful products that I keep in my car and purse to help out in emergencies!! OH, I am also thankful that after the showings, after I changed back in to work clothes, after helping fill the dumpster, I finally got that shower!! I feel so clean and fresh now! Time to go drool in my sleep and ruin that! 🤣🤣