My grandma lives with my parents.  With the COVID-19 concerns, grandma hasn’t been leaving the house.

My mom, who learns more about technology every day, has watched how I’ve taken videos with my phone.  She tried it with her phone and she did it!  Then she sent the video to her sister in New York.  And she explained to her sister how to play the video.

I wish I could have been a fly on the wall.  She said she is going to wear her phone out playing the video of her mommy saying Hi and waving ❤

Here’s what I know about this whole COVID-19 thing; it would be a much worse scene without technology.  Technology has kept people working at home and able to earn an income.  Technology has kept loved ones in touch.  Technology has alerted people to who needs help and how to help them.

Tonight I am thankful that technology can help in so many ways.  But tonight I am thankful that it helped send a video of my sweet grandma to her daughter several states away ❤