2017 Year Goals are still in progress.  Do you ever set something for yourself to work on and think . . . whew, just in the nick of time?  That is how I feel.

Taking better care of my schedule is still a work in progress.  And I am working on it.  Today I worked on our family August calendar.  Mind you, the photo below is pretty much ONLY kid activities.

I mean seriously, just looking at this makes my heart beat a little faster.  The sad part is, this isn’t everything.  We have one activity that doesn’t even start until September.  And one activity that I am still waiting on the practice schedule for.  It really isn’t that the kids are in to “so many” things.  It is that there are four children and they are getting older – which means more practices and games.  The younger days of “instructional” sports that meet one day a week are over.

I like to be home.  I like to be home with my family.  Looking at the calendar, that won’t happen much until November?

But, the bigger, gnawing item in the back of my mind is, how will I get my work done?  I can’t possibly.  Can I?  I’ve been working on better systems.  I’ve been working on more efficient systems.  And I’ve been working on better scheduling for myself.  I’ve slacked off of some of this over the past several weeks.  Because it is summer and the schedule allowed me to slack a little.

But this week, I’m switching gears.  I can’t be there for my kids, and be there for my businesses, and maybe see the hubster every once in awhile, and have time to keep my sanity . . I just can not do all these things with the way I’ve been going.  So it is time to get these better practices back in to practice.  At the top of the list is sleep.

I simply can not operate on the few hours of sleep of my past.  And I shouldn’t have done it then either.  I’ve experimented with myself the last several weeks.  I have proved to myself  that my body simply can’t do it anymore.  When I’ve tried to get up earlier to get more done; I get the same or less done because I can’t focus.  I can’t push thru the exhaustion like I used to do.  And this is good.  Pushing thru like I once did, damaged me.

And I’m trying to heal a lot of that, which means sleep.  And less stress.  For less stress, I must have a plan.  I have command this schedule, not let the schedule command me!  I’m working on it.  I can do it!  I think . . . no, I know I can!  I won’t let this piece of paper scare me!!

Tonight I am thankful for learning better ways of doing things.  Learning and doing are two very different things.  So tomorrow, I start again on the “doing” better.  I will do it!!