Tonight was pretty special.

Five years ago I took my oldest son to a Tiger’s game for the first time.  He loved baseball and really wanted to see the Tigers!  His great-grandparents were huge Tigers fans and he loved listening to them talk!  So we went.  And we had fun!

The next year I had found a deal on seats with a hot dog, chips, and a drink.  The prices were so low, I let my son invite a couple of friends.  When we got there, I found out why the seats were so cheap.  We were about as far away from the game as we could be and still be in the park.  But that didn’t matter to the boys!  Just being there was great enough for them!

The next year I brought both my boys to the game.  My youngest seemed a little young, but he really wanted to come along!  That year we stayed for fireworks!

Last year I took both of my boys.  They brought a mit, as we were seated more in the area where the boys hoped to catch a foul ball.  They didn’t catch one, but we had fun!

Last year we also added a Lion’s game.  My youngest is a big Lion’s fan.  I hadn’t realized how much cheaper tickets are to a Lion’s game before the official season starts!  So I was alright with going back to Detroit for that!

This year, I planned a little ahead and found a day where we could see both teams at once.  Our big bike race happened to be this morning.  Then home, shower, hit the road, and off to the Tigers!  We didn’t stay for the whole Lion’s game.  The boys were getting pretty tired!

Tonight I am thankful for a wonderful and exhausting day!  The bike race went wonderful!  The Tiger’s game went wonderful!  The Lion’s game went wonderful!

OH!  I almost forgot something else wonderful!  I had not been able to secure parking for today.  After a couple of years of questionable parking arrangements, I really wanted to have a secure spot.  I mean, I have both of my boys with me, in Detroit, at night . . . yeh, I want something solid in place.  I made phone calls to Olympia parking.  I even talked with a guy on Craigslist.  It ended up, that all I had left was prayer.

AND, it so happened that the FOX Theater did not have a show tonight!  So their parking garage was open for sports fans!  And for less than I was going to pay for another place!  See, God even cares about parking arrangements!  I am very thankful for a safe place to park for both games too!!