Freedom to Choose

I hope everyone had a great 4th of July!

I read a book with the kids’ book club at school a year and a half ago that I think would be an excellent required 4th of July read.  It doesn’t take long to read the book.  And I still have it around the house here if someone wants to read it.

The book is called Home of the Brave.  It follows a boy who comes to live in the United States from his home in Africa.  It is classified as “Juvenile Fiction” but it is good for all ages.  And it certainly puts in perspective the freedoms and privileges that come with living in this country.

This past week held a circumstance that made me pause for a few.  I was accused of being a petty, insecure, and traitor-some person.  These accusations were made by someone who I have helped off and on for several years – more than they even knew.  The accusations weren’t taken to heart by me, as I knew how silly they were.  But it just sucks, to extend grace to someone and have it thrown in your face.  I found peace in praying for this person.  I saw them in a new light of someone who really had less together in life than they portray.  And it really helped me to pray for them with a pure heart.  We live in a land full of opportunity.  I prayed that she would be blessed with her endeavours as she continued on with life.  I have a new boundary in place with regards to this person.  And that’s it.  The situation is done.

We live in a place where we can live this way.  We have the freedom to stand up for ourselves in situations.  We have the freedom to use discretion and wisdom when choosing who and how we deal with life.  We have the freedom and the right to set boundaries and live our own lives.  We live in a place that offers so much!  I don’t wish horrible things on those who come against me.  And we live in a place where we all have opportunities to have a great life.  Most things in my life will never have to come to a “them or me” mentality for survival.  And that simply isn’t the case in other lands.

Tonight I am thankful for this flawed, but wonderful country.  I love that I live here.  I celebrate that I live here.  And I appreciate that I live here.