I have these cute little fluffy ducks wandering around outside.  And I have a boy who loves his ducks!  Ducks like tall grass.  Poison ivy loves tall grass.

See where I’m going with this?  The ducks had gone thru the poison ivy.  I picked up the ducks and snuggled with them.  Now I have poison ivy.  I have it on the inside of my forearm, my neck, and my face.

This morning I put the steroid cream on the poison ivy and left to show a house.  I had on a light-colored shirt.  I somehow reached across myself and accidentally wiped some of the cream on a part of my shirt.  Think of what part of a woman sticks out on the front of her . . . yup . . . that’s where I had a big smear of steriod cream.  Guess how professional that is?!?!?  Not-At-All!!

Thankfully this morning was a little chilly.  I put on a jacket from my car to hide my newly marked shirt.  The jacket was great outside.  Inside the houses . . . well I got a little toasty.  But my clients were none the wiser!

Tonight I am thankful that I had a clean jacket in my car!  For the rest of today, I wrapped up my arm.  Tomorrow morning at a house closing, I’ll wrap up my arm!