Vroom-ity, Vroom, Vroom!!

After weeks of waiting, I finally have the final word on my car.  The repairs are covered under warranty!!  Hooray!!

I was around 4,000 miles from being out of my warranty.  So the timing is actually good here.  At the dealership, they showed me pictures of my poor little Blueberry car.

The scoop is, screws holding the wrist pin came loose.  Once there was enough play there, the wrist pin sheared in two, the piston came exploding out.  Metal fragments everywhere.  The picture of inside my oil pan looked like my engine threw up all sorts of pieces of metal.  Poor little Blueberry was sicker than I thought!

A new engine has been ordered!!  And in the meantime, I was given a car to drive!  It looks like Blueberry’s cousin!  A different color of the same model.  But a LOT newer!  Blueberry was already the newest car I’ve ever owned.  Her cousin here has a little over 1,000 miles on it.  Yep, that’s it.  Just over 1,000 miles!  I’m styling over here!

Tonight I am thankful for a new car to drive around in for a bit.  But I am most thankful that my new engine is covered by warranty!  It saves me several thousands of dollars!!!  And hey, I’ll have a brand new engine!!