I have to say it was very difficult the last two nights to write about being thankful and not mention our wonderful vacation!  But, ya know, internet safety and all.

So now I get to tell you about it!!

This year we were going to go to Niagara Falls.  This was the plan for a while and the kids were excited.  We were going to go thru Canada.  The kids were excited to leave the country 🙂  I had read online about passports and it looked like we could get one for land crossing fairly easy.  Guess what?  I did not leave enough time.  I had read one thing that said a few weeks or something . . . yeah, that was for expedited processing.  There’s a fee for that.  So the passport fee + the expedited fee was ridiculous for six people.  Mom dropped the ball there.

I remembered seeing a thing for this neat looking place called Hocking Hills.  I had seen it on Facebook a few months ago.  So we started looking.  It looked very interesting.  And there were several choices on cabins to rent.  A cabin is a much better way to go for six people!  We had a family meeting, showed the kids pictures, and we were decided!

Timing was another issue.  There were appointments, minor surgeries, realtor closing dates, fall practices starting, and life!  We found one week, ONE WEEK that would work before school started.  So we booked the cabin!

From the moment we walked in, it was wonderful!  It was even better than the pictures! And it had a lot of extras that we didn’t expect!  There was a game room in the basement, lots of fluffy towels, the hot tub on the back looked out on a small cave that was lit up at night!

We made it to four of the six major parks of Hocking Hollow State Park.  And I can tell you, they were all absolutely breathtaking!  From the very first park, the natural beauty looked like it came straight from a movie . . I’ve never seen anything in person that looked so surreal.  And at the bottom of all of these hundreds of feet of carved stone was always just a small, unassuming stream.  The magnitude of the hundreds of years this water worked on these rocks is amazing!  Absolutely amazing . . and beautiful!

We even ventured off the beaten path and found our own personal waterfall!  It was amazing!  And it was a time none of us will ever forget!

On the way home, we stopped at Cabela’s.  And although I don’t drink coffee, I loved this cup.  So as I write tonight, I’m sipping on some soda stream out of my new mug 😉

Tonight I am thankful for a wonderful vacation!  It was a little bit adventure.  It was a little bit relaxing.  And it was a lot of a wonderful time with my family!