Life Goals

Have you ever had something that you want to do, but you don’t tell anyone.  Something that people probably wouldn’t understand.  You don’t need people to understand.  You just keep some things private because the idea is just yours.  Like . . riding in a giant swan?

The swan boat thing is something I’ve always wanted to do.  I was a kid the first time I saw people riding in a swan boat on tv.  I don’t even remember what show I was watching.  But I remember thinking, that would be fun!

As one might expect, there aren’t giant swans all over waiting to be ridden.  It hasn’t been a huge life disappointment.  I mean, there is plenty of time to find this big swan someday.

Imagine my excitement when I saw that a local lake added two giant swan peddle boats!!  I first saw the announcements a week or so ago.  Today we finally went!

We had lunch.  The kids played.  We walked by the lake.  The kids swam in the lake.  And then . . it was time!  We went to rent the boats (our crew needs two).  And both of the swans were out.

I looked out over the lake and saw a swan coming back!  We waited on the deck for the swan.  Soon enough, we were peddling across the lake in a giant swan!  I will say that I didn’t have super high expectations for the swan boat, because it obviously just a boat, shaped like a swan.  I will also say that I enjoyed peddling across the lake in a giant swan!!!  Some things are fun for no reason at all; and this was one of those!  The next time we go back, I intend to take the swan out on the lake again!

Tonight I am thankful for riding in a giant swan today with my kiddos!  I am also thankful that the hubster had a good birthday (they are finishing up the Transformer marathon in the living room right now)!