Breaking Up

Today I broke up with Outlook Calendar.  I have loved Outlook Calendar.  Sadly the feeling wasn’t mutual.

Twice now in a 12 month period, my beloved Outlook calendar on my desktop refused to speak to my Outlook calendar app on my phone.  This is a major problem for someone who is already a bit schedule-challenged like myself.

I’ve been calling and scheduling appointments while sitting at my desk and entering the appointments in to the desktop calendar.  If I leave a message, I may schedule an appointment while I’m away from my desk, when a person calls me back; and then I’m entering it in to my phone.  And Viola, without the two talking I’ve now double and triple booked myself somehow.  😦  Not fun.  Not good for business.  Not good for family.  And not good for my sanity.

I spent over an hour this morning trying to fix the issue.  This afternoon I spent a little more time on it and finally gave up.  The more I tried to find a solution; the more I saw that this an issue for lots and lots of people using Outlook calendar.

So, I’m over in to the Google calendar now for work appointments.  I still love the Cozi Calendar for the family!  I keep two schedules because it really is less confusing for me.  Everything is on my (now) Google calendar – like the master calendar!  And the Cozi calendar has everything pertinent to the rest of the family.  Cozi with my work appointments looks like a colorful paint splatter!  Maybe pretty, but a mess.

Tonight I am thankful for breaking up with Outlook calendar.  I suppose it was time.  I like their format better.  But, if it’s not reliable; then it just isn’t worth it!

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