Special People

I know some of my faults as a person, so I try to work on them.  Just being myself, I don’t like to ask for help.  I want to figure it out; whatever “it” may be.  I want to know the problem and the solution.  And I’m just a naturally independent person.

My husband will vouch for that.  Just last night he asked me what was up with me.  And as I was telling him what a totally chaotic week this is; it sunk in that I should have asked him for more help.  It wasn’t a thought inside my head until I heard my own voice saying everything about this week.  I don’t even realize that I should be asking for help most of the time.  I just square my shoulders and plow thru life.

Sometimes I know this must be very aggravating to God, who probably sends me more helpful people than I ever recognize.  But sometimes, I see them.  I have prayed for help before and asked, please hit me over the head with the answer because I probably won’t notice.  And sometimes that happens.

Tonight I was sitting at a table with three fantastic women as we are off and rolling on another cheer season.  And it still amazes me how these people just seemed to be put right in front of me.  There’s no way I could do this on my own.  I couldn’t even come close.  My special skills and each of their special skills will be blended together wonderfully this fall!

Tonight I am thankful for the array of talents sitting together tonight planning to give of their time and their energy to make a memorable cheer program for the kiddos tonight!  I am so thankful for you ladies!  This is going to be great! 🙂

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