Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas!!

I hope everyone has had a wonderful Christmas filled with happiness!

At my house, we had a great Christmas!  My absolute favorite place to be is here at home with my family!  My sick child was feeling a little better today.  Not all the way better, but well enough to enjoy Christmas.  And thankfully, no one else has gotten sick!

We had family plans this afternoon.  There were sickies at that house too, so the dinner was cancelled.  Looking out the window, we were quite happy to spend the day in Christmas jammies in our nice warm house!

We watched Christmas movies and played with presents, just as relaxed as we could be!  Thankfully I had a small turkey in the freezer.  I will say that the Schwan’s potato medallions for mashed potatoes were awesome!  I had ordered some of those when they were on sale; so we tried them tonight.  Our freezer also had corn and cheese/herb biscuits for us.  I whipped up some quick dumplings and gravy.  We were good to go!

Here we are now, watching the last Christmas movie of the day.  One child already fell asleep.  Two more look like they are ready for sleep.

Tonight I am thankful for a wonderfully relaxed and peaceful Christmas at home!  I loved watching the snow outside the window!  I loved relaxing with my family!  And I was so extra thankful that we had all the fixings for a wonderful Christmas dinner in the freezer!

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