Yesterday morning my nine-year old son woke up, came downstairs, put his hand on my arm and asked me, “When are we going to have this house paid off?”  This is 6:30am on a Tuesday morning . . and a 9-year-old . .

I’ve been playing a lot of Dave Ramsey podcasts.  The kids have been listening!  We have a house pay-off sheet on the wall . . with a lot of work to do.  The kids have been watching!

I am so excited!!!

On our debt free journey, we talk with the kids.  We talk about why we are working so much.  We talk about our bad decisions.  We talk about our dreams.  They listen to the podcasts.  They hear the people scream, “We’re Debt Free!”  They hear “You are changing your family tree!”

If ever I get tired or start to get discouraged, I will never forget why we are doing this.  We have four precious people here who are learning and will learn so many smart things that their father and I have been learning!  They will never have to worry or stress about debt!  They will have a lifetime of opportunities!  And they will be free to explore them!

Tonight I am thankful that this path we are on will have a very blessed outcome!  I am thankful that this path will be a blessing to our children and our children’s children.  This will be a lifestyle of freedom for generations to come!


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