The Best

At a sad time in my childhood, God sent me a Marky.  Not everyone gets to have their very own Marky in life.

For the past 30 years Marky has been my biggest fan (along with my Mom of course!).  He not only believed that I could reach the stars, he made me believe it too.  And just as he has always wanted the best for me, I always want the best for him too!!

Today was a big day.  I took my Marky to get some answers!  An amazing lady that I work with found us the right place to get answers!  We drove to Detroit with minimal traffic.  We met a helpful parking lot attendant, who picked our parking spot with concern about how well my Marky could walk!  And best of all, we had an appointment with a super-wonderful lady who was incredibly helpful!  She was knowledgeable and seemed to truly care about the Veterans that she was helping!

Now paperwork is moving along.  We have a good contact to ask questions to and get advice from.  We are hopeful!

Tonight I am thankful for Hope for my Marky!  Today was the start down a good path that will lead to help and answers for Marky!


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