The Right Way

The difference between eating healthy and dieting can be shown in numerous examples.  I’ve lived the difference myself.  I used to eat however I wanted.  When I got a little heavier than I liked, I’d cut out all carbs, stock up on protein, and lose the weight.  Then I’d eat how I wanted again.  This was not a good plan of course . .  but I did get to eat more french fries that way.

After hurting my body with years of not enough rest, not enough sleep, improper nutrients, etc; even my old go-to of cutting out carbs and stocking up on protein wasn’t working.  About a year of this slow revelation was finally sinking in when I tore my PCL and found myself resting for months with my leg in a brace.  I consoled myself with Doritos and Oreos . . not great decisions.

Several months ago I started making better decisions.  I’ve been sleeping acceptable hours at night.  I’ve been eating healthier, including low-carb choices that are actually sustainable long-term; not just for a month while I drop 20 pounds.  I’ve been exercising again, at a sustainable pace; not just hard-core for a month while I drop 20 pounds.  And, I’ve been paying attention to when I actually eat; intermittent fasting seems to fit very well with how my body wants to run.

Lately the scale hasn’t moved much.  I have had several little pep talks with myself.  I’m not changing.  These choices weren’t made just to make the scale move.  These choices were made to have a healthier life!

Last summer, I wore a size 14 pants.  Ok, honestly I probably should have been wearing a 16 pants.  I refused to buy a bigger size.  I stuffed myself in to the 14’s (“stuffed” is not an exaggeration).  After awhile, I felt the size 14’s become more comfortable.  Then the 14’s became too big.  The size 12’s came back from their exile at my top shelf.  I know a healthy body size varies by person.  I was a size 8 in high school with minimal body fat.  I’m shooting for a 10 now . . . maybe an 8 . . we’ll see . . .

Tonight I am thankful that choices made for a better, healthier life are here to stay.  I am thankful that my low blood sugar episodes have almost completely went away.  I am thankful that my thyroid is running a bit better.  And, I am thankful that these choices have opened up a dusty part of my wardrobe that was set aside for when I got my act together again!

P.S. You can’t taste a difference in a low-carb tortilla when making a breakfast burrito!

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