I recently discovered that Meijer’s grocery store has low carb tortillas.  This is a wonderful discovery!  Yes, I have recipes for low carb tortillas that I can make right from home.  But sometimes . . . well, I just don’t make them!

I do love breakfast burritos!  The carbey-ist part of a breakfast burrito is the tortilla with around 20 carbs.  Eggs, cheese, meat of choice – these are all considerably low in carbohydrates.

The low-carb tortillas have 6 net carbs!  It’s amazing what different types of flours can do to a food!

Today my daughter helped me prep some burritos.  Fourteen burritos are in my fridge for the week!  While we were making burritos, I made a song!!  Do you know the song Despacito?  It’s pretty popular right now.  It’s on the radio by Luis Fonsi, Jusin Bieber, and Daddy Yankee.  Look it up if you don’t know it!

Alright with that chorus tune in your head, sing along:  We make burritos.  Low carb, bacon, burritos!  We love to eat all the burritos!  We love the low carb burritos!

Thank You.  Thank You, very much.  My food-themed parody of hit songs may be a big hit!!  My family may miss me when I have to go on tour to sing to sold-out stadiums and hand out burritos to all my fans though . . . maybe I’ll just stick to real estate.  😉

Tonight I am thankful for help in the kitchen prepping food!  And I am thankful for my family indulging me, by listening to my burrito song and even smiling a little!



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