Christmas in February

I can almost 100% (which would technically be like 89%) confirm that the Christmas gift idea of “events” and “experiences” was awesome-ly wonderful!

We have one more event next weekend, which was a gift to the hubster.  I’m sure he will like his event.  The kids have now each had an experience – including a hair cut, sewing lessons, and winter Iron Grip Ninja camp.  And they have each had an event – the Cinderella Ballet and the Monster Truck show tonight.

This is a Christmas gift idea that I think has just become a new tradition!  Some of the unplanned benefits of this are that:  1) Christmas just seems to last a little longer when the gift actually happens over a month later!  and 2) I budget for Christmas all year-long.  I do NOT budget for event tickets all year long.  So paying for the tickets out of the Christmas budget makes me feel very good; while the monthly $$ is still working to pay off debt and increase savings!

Tonight I am thankful that these Christmas gifts have went so well.  And I am also VERY thankful, especially tonight, that we have had good weather to drive in!  Tonight was supposed to have lots of snow.  In fact, we were considering the possibility that we might not go tonight, if all the snow came in (this really made me unhappy, as the tickets were already bought!).  So it is wonderful that the snow held off and the roads were good!  Yay!!


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