A Little Seed

The idea of a seed starting small, taking root, and growing large is seen numerous times throughout the Bible.  It is such a simple concept, that is truly so powerful.  Just a little seed.  A tiny, little seed.  It can do so much.  It can grow in to a tree too large for me to wrap my arms around, to provide shade from the sun, food, and shelter.  A tiny little seed can provide fields of food, enough to feed any who hunger.  It all starts out so small.

Just last week, a new seed of an idea was planted in my heart.  I can see from here, how God has been working things in my life to prepare for this seed.  God is a great farmer.  He knows how to prepare land for a seed.  If I had seen this seed a few years ago, I would have smiled at it, perhaps.  But I certainly wouldn’t have thought it was anything that was meant for me.

This tiny little seed.

Have you ever held a seed, that you didn’t really know what it would grow in to?  I do that regularly, actually.  I’m not the best gardener.  I can tell what corn will do 😉  And sunflowers.  That’s about it.  But if you give me a flower seed, I can plant it.  If given some instruction on shade versus sun, etc., I could make the plant grow.  I would enjoy what the seed would produce.  And I could share the plant and brighten someone else’s life.

This tiny little seed here is going to grow in to something great.  I know I can’t see what the fruits of this thing will be yet.  But I just know, holding on to this idea, that it will be great.  I need time to research.  I have links saved to read when I have time.  I actually signed up for a webinar tomorrow that will lay some base knowledge for me.

God, being God, gives these seeds at the perfect timing.  I’ll be prepared to plant this thing.  I am excited about how this can help people!  And God, being God, did not drop this in to my lap when I have a week of open time slots.  He knows me well . . I sometimes (historically, most of the time) rush in to great ideas a little too quickly.  So I have this seed.  I’m holding it in my hand.  And I’m warming it up while I learn the best way to plant it!

Tonight I am thankful for this tiny seed of an idea that will be a blessing to others!  I don’t want my vagueness to leave you frustrated, so I will share that this will be a facet of my real estate brokerage, Ethos Real Estate West.  It will be a service offered to those in need.  And I think it will be wonderful!

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