Tonight was the hubster’s Christmas present at the Jackson Theater!  I was excited!  I’ve never been to the Jackson Theater!  I was hoping it would be a similar style to the Fox Theater.  Of course I knew it wouldn’t be to the same scale.  But I was looking forward to some interesting architecture along with a good comedy show!

The hubster likes to sit in an aisle seat. And, as this was his Christmas present, I picked aisle seats waaay back in the beginning of December.  When we arrived and were walking to our row, I noticed that all the seats looked new.  Yes, yes they were new seats.  And these new seats were not installed to the prior seating chart.  So we were not on the aisle.  A little disappointing, but definitely not a night-ruining event.

Later on, more people came and found that their seats were non-existent.  The new seats ended with seat 27 or 28.  People came in with tickets, stating they were for seats all the way up to seat 30.  This was obviously a bummer!  They gave these people drink vouchers and got them folding chairs.  I heard an usher say that the computer had messed up.

I knew there had to be more than that!  I logged in to the website and pretended like I was going to buy seats.  The old seating chart was still there.  I looked to my left and saw an empty row of seats in the middle.  I looked at the online chart, and there was no middle row showing for row K.

I hopped up and grabbed an usher, showing her that they did not need to put people in folding chairs – they had an entire row of seats that no one could buy seats for!  She went and checked with her manager and soon the people were moved to comfy, squishy seats and the folding chairs were put away!

Tonight I am thankful for technology!  First of all, it proved that I didn’t screw up when ordering a Christmas present!!!  Secondly it showed the Theater employees why they had seating mayhem, and allowed people to be comfortable to enjoy the show!

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