I had thought on and off today about writing a very deep, meaningful, and reflective blog tonight.  However, I am exhausted.  My head is not too in to thinking at the moment; as I am still working on beating this cold.

So, here is my non-deep, non-meaningful, and non-reflective blog:  last night I left my bed and came out to sleep in the recliner, hoping to sleep a little better slightly elevated.  We still have the kitten in the house that had hitched a ride in my car a couple of weeks ago – she’s doing much better by the way!  Well, the kitten was very excited that I was up in the middle of the night.  She wanted to play, play, play.

I finally calmed her down and convinced her that we should sleep.  She kept wanting to sleep on my head, which was a tad counter-productive to actually sleeping for me.  Finally we seemed to work something out.  My face was snuggled in to the chair and she was laying over my ear, with her paw dangling over my face.  My ears are a little plugged, so her warm little body felt good over my ear.  She was purring while she slept and the vibration felt good too.  I smiled to myself, thinking I may finally sleep!

Then she startled herself awake and her claws came out . . . in to my cheek.  Owie!!  She then had to leave the recliner.

I had appointments today with people.  I didn’t feel like people-ing today.  All I wanted to do today was stay home in bed all day.  And I certainly did not want to field any questions about scratches on my face!  Fortunately, my new shorter hair-do is at the perfect length to hide my kitty scratches!

Tonight I am thankful, of course, that the kitten is doing much better after jumping out of my car weeks ago!  I am thankful that she got a little snuggling time in before she was sent away from the recliner last night.  And I am extra thankful that my hair hid the scratches she gave me!!!

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