We didn’t have much money when I was a kid.  There were things that I really wanted to do . . things that cost money.  So, I never did take dance class.  I did get to do a gymnastic class that a teacher held at the school for like a month.  Dance though . . . I really wanted to dance.

So, when my daughter insisted for two years that she wanted to take a dance classes, we signed her up.  Yes, I waited two years.  She was quite little.  One week she wanted to fly.  The next week she wanted to be a mermaid.  I wanted to be sure this dance idea was going to stick before we spent money on it!  She has taken dance classes every year since she started.  Off and on, my younger daughter has also taken dance classes.

But, I never have.  I still love Zumba!  And that has a dance element to it.  But, I’ve never taken an actual dance class . . . until tonight!  Yes!  Tonight, the dance studio had a free adults class!  She was testing the waters, I believe to see how much of a desire there was for such a class.  And it sounds like this will be a regular thing!  After 30-something years, I get to take dance class!

Tonight’s class has confirmed that I am still not flexible!  And tonight’s class confirmed that I was a little out of shape to shovel heavy, wet dirt for over an hour the other night.  But, tonight’s class was good!  And I didn’t fall down!

Tonight I am thankful that I finally got to attend a dance class!  Childhood wish fulfilled . . . Check!! 🙂

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