Continued . . .

Parenting . . cont.

About a week ago I wrote about the new set of rules for a kiddo in this house.  Things were going surprisingly well at first.

I took four contractor size bags of items from his room.  He did not go to his basketball practice.  He had no video games.  He had no tv.  And he had no food treats.  Day one went much better than I had expected.  He seemed fairly relieved.  Yes, relieved.  Not relieved to have the privileges taken away.  But relieved because a kid really does feel that actually parenting them means love.  I use the word feel because I know this is not a conscious thought.  But you can feel when someone cares enough for you to not let you go down a wrong path.  And, in case he was unclear on that, I’ve told him several times.

The next several days went fairly well.  He earned back a little tv watching.  He got a few snack foods back.  And that was kind of all it took.  His decision-making took a nose dive without the immediate restrictions in his face.

This morning he woke up early.  I said to him, “please go back to bed.  You know you haven’t slept enough. You know that you get cranky and make worse decisions without enough sleep”.  He chose not to sleep more.  He lost video games for the next few days.  And he did not get to come to the movies tonight.  Two steps forward and one step back. He’ll figure this out.  I am certain.

Tonight I am thankful for setting better boundaries.  I had been letting too much slip.  It wasn’t out of laziness though.  It had been out of too much understanding.  I know things are harder for him, so I was cutting him some slack.  But, too much slack makes a kid spoiled and unruly.  I really think this “tightening of the slack” is harder on the parents!  But, we are staying strong and fixing the parenting mistakes that will hurt our child in the long run.  I will announce a much improved behavior soon!  Hopefully sooner rather than later!

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